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China is the largest developing country in the world. Its rapid economic development has put great pressure on its natural resources and environment. The central government does show its important dedication to positive solutions. Switzerland, with its great reputation in environment protection in the world, is active in helping China on the environmental challenges with financing project and technology transfer. Besides, China is an attractive market for Swiss companies with environmental technology.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed in November 2003 between the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the Swiss Government aims to strengthen scientific and technological co-operation between China and Switzerland. On the other hand, Switzerland fully participates in the EU' Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for Research and Development, which provides a new platform for joint research between the two countries in life science, public health, cell biology, nano-materials, fuel cell, etc.

The section of "Environment & Science" of the Swiss Embassy webpage provides useful information on the Swiss Mixed Credit solution for environment protection equipment and services from Switzerland, historical projects financed by the Swiss government, as well as useful links and information on environment in China and Switzerland. As far as Science & Technology in concerned, it provides information on joint research projects and financing solutions as well as useful links and information on science & technology in China and Switzerland.

The newsletter is a press clips for environment and research in China. It also lists recent events and exhibitions related to environment and science in China.


Science, Technology and Education News from China - Newsletter (pdf)

The information posting here is authorized by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bejing.

N°128  February 2015 9 p.  296 kb

The story of the month covers the Ministry of Education (MOE) has published its key points of work in 2015. In science and technology, China completed its first high level biosafety laboratory. China is setting up genetically modified organism (GMO) study, supervision and education. China's Ministry of Science and Technology released a new plan that to have 5 million “new energy” (mostly electric) cars by 2020. Researchers from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions are developing a technique which makes it possible to obtain diagnostic, three-dimensional images in real time. A national innovation zone opened in the Binhai New Area industrial park in Tianjin China. In education, the number of Chinese overseas students is keeping increase. In health, a documentary on air pollution of China aroused heated discussion.


N°127  January 2015 8 p.  315 kb

The story of the month covers Ministry of Science and Technology announced a key reform in China's research landscape. In science and technology, China plans to build smog-dispersing labs around Beijing. The central government of China aims to streamline administration of scientific programs and encourage innovation. China is seeking to boost its soft power by developing “a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics”. Chinese scientists construct first Mycobacterium Tuberculosis proteome microarray. Europe and China are planning a joint robotic space mission for launch in 2021. The State Council, China's cabinet, issued guidance on development of cloud computing. Critics pounce on China's top science prize 2014. In education, a survey conducted by Ministry of Education demonstrates that science graduates earn most in China.




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