Der wöchentliche Presserückblick der Schweizer Botschaft in der VR China
The Weekly Press Review of the Swiss Embassy in the People's Republic of China
La revue de presse hebdomadaire de l'Ambassade de Suisse en RP de Chine
  20.09-24.09.2004, No. 35  
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Foreign Policy

China kritisch in Bezug auf neue ständige Mitglieder im UNO-Sicherheitsrat
2004-09-23 Wang Guangming (Übersetung)
( ) China habe Verständnis dafür, dass alle Staaten aktiv an internationalen Angelegenheiten teilnehmen wollen, so der Tenor des Sprechers des chin. Aussenministeriums Kong Quan. China meine jedoch, dass zuerst grundlegende Reformen im Sicherheitsrat getätigt werden müssten, um später Neumitglieder im Rat begrüssen zu können. ( ) Japan, Deutschland, Brasilien und Indien zeigen Interesse an einen permanenten Sitz im Weltsicherheitsrat.

Closer cooperation urged among SCO members
2004-09-23 Xinhua News
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Thursday urged closer cooperation among member states o the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the fight against terrorism and economy. Addressing the third meeting of SCO prime ministers here, Wen stressed that terrorism, separatism and extremism constitute the major threat to the regional peace and stability and SCO member states should strengthen security cooperation at the multilateral and bilateral levels ( ) To enhance regional economic cooperation is another important task of the SCO. SCO member states should gradually deepen their economic cooperation, build closer economic ties, create favorable conditions for economic cooperation and earnestly implement multilateral cooperation programs, the Chinese premier said. ( )

Die Zukunft der Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
2004-09-21 Xinhua Wang (Übersetzung)
Die zukunftsträchtige Entwicklung ist auf Initiative Chinas entstanden. Durch die Gründung der internationalen Organisation hätten alle Mitgliedsländer ihre Absicht ausgedrückt, in einer friedlichen und sicheren Umwelt die Sicherheits- und Wirtschaftsaspekte zu fördern und eine konstruktive Zusammenarbeit gemeinsam auszubauen. Seit ihrer Gründung vor mehr als drei Jahren habe die Organisation eine eigene Dynamik entwickelt, die für alle Mitglieder von Vorteil ist. China bestätigte ausserdem die gute Zusammenarbeit der Mitglieder der SCO im gemeinsamen Kampf gegen den Terror, sowie im Sicherheits- und Wirtschaftsbereich.

Border issue solved with Kyrgyzstan
2004-09-22 China Daily
China and Kyrgyzstan solved their border issue Tuesday and pledged to enhance economic and trade co-operation. Visiting Premier Wen Jiabao and Nikolai Tanayev, prime minister of the Kyrgyzstan Republic signed a protocol on the border survey of their countries after their talks. ( ) Wen said the two governments should create a stable and favourable environment for co-operation between their enterprises and push for large co-operative projects in the fields of energy, mineral resources and telecommunications. The Chinese premier underscored that the joint action to crack down on terrorism, separatism and extremism including the force of East Turkistan is a major component of China-Kyrgyzstan co-operation in the security area. He said both should take effective measures to ensure their people's personal and property safety. ( )

China, Russia to conclude WTO talks: Wen
2004-09-21 Xinhua News
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao told Russia media prior to his visit that China and Russia will conclude talks on Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization during his visit. Wen left Beijing on Tuesday for Kyrgyzstan and Russia. ( ) The Chinese premier stressed that China supports Russia's entry, because they are strategic cooperative partners and that Russia's WTO accession will benefit both countries. "That's why we said earlier that China will become one of the first nations to strike a deal with Russia on its WTO accession," Wen said. "After Russia's entry into the WTO, China-Russia economic and trade relations will gain new strength of growth within the framework of the WTO." ( )

China endeavors to push forward relations with Japan: Hu
2004-09-22 People's Daily
China has been making efforts to advance Sino-Japanese relations from strategic perspectives and for lasting Sino-Japanese friendship, said Chinese President Hu JintaoWednesday. In meeting with Speaker Kono Yohei of Japan's House of Representatives, Hu reiterated that to advance bilateral relations both China and Japan should keep drawing lessons from history and looking to the future in the spirit of the three political documents signed between the two countries, including the Sino-Japanese Joint Statement. ( ) Hu also called for deepening exchanges and expanding cooperation. "Only this way can the two nations promote bilateral relations in a healthy and stable way and create a more beautiful future for friendly Sino-Japanese cooperation.( )

China keeps optimistic about 4th round of six-party talks: FM spokesman
2004-09-22 China Daily
Despite complicated factors known to all, China remains optimistic about the fourth round of six-party talks and would like to make concerted efforts with all relevant parties to ensure the meetings to be held as early as possible. ( ) However, he noted, there are still a lot of difficulties for the holding of the fourth round of the six-party talks as scheduled before the end of September. It was still too early to tell when the next round of six-party talks would be held; an exact schedule would hinges on all parties' efforts, Kong said. ( ) During the third-round meeting in June this year, the six parties agreed to meet again before the end of September.


Domestic Policy

Chinese army supports new chief Hu Jintao
2004-09-22 Xinhua News
The Chinese army has pledged their firm support to the new Central Military Commission (CMC) with Hu Jintao as chairman. ( ) The Fourth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee approved Hu Jintao to be CMC chairman after accepting Jiang Zemin's resignation. Their decision is conducive to upholding the fundamental principle and system of the Party's absolute leadership over the military, and is also conducive to the strengthening of the military's modernization and regularization process. The military agreed that they would firmly support the authority of the CPC Central Committee, the CMC and Chairman Hu, and firmly obey the order of the CPC Central Committee, the CMC and Chairman Hu. They also praised Jiang Zemin's contributions to the Party, the state and the army. Jiang's resignation is a contribution of historic significance to the institutionalization of succession. ( )

Hu praises Jiang for "historic contributions" to leadership transition
2004-09-20 Xinhua News
Chinese President Hu Jintao on Monday praised Jiang Zemin, who retired from the chairmanship of the Central Military Commission (CMC) of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Sunday, for easing in a new era of Chinese leadership and for his "noble character, sterling integrity and broad-mindedness." "Jiang's decision to resign his post as chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission has been made after meticulous consideration," said Hu, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee who succeeded Jiang as China's top military chief at the end of the Fourth Plenum of the 16th CPC Central Committee, Sunday. "He (Jiang) stands high, sees afar and reckons deep," Hu said. "Chairman Jiang's noble character, sterling integrity and broad-mindedness has set a splendid example for us," said ( ) Hu stressed that the most important issue for the building and development of the Chinese army is to adhere to the Party's absolute leadership over the armed forces. Following is the namelist of chairman, vice-chairmen and members of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China after adjustments and additions were made by the just concluded Fourth Plenum of CPC Central Committee: Chairman: Hu Jintao; Vice-chairmen: Guo Boxiong, Cao Gangchuan, Xu Caihou; Members: Liang Guanglie, Li Jinai, Liao Xilong, Chen Bingde, Qiao Qingchen, Zhang Dingfa, Jing Zhiyuan.

China opposes proliferation of nuke
2004-09-22 People's Daily
China unswervingly pursues the policy of nuclear non-proliferation and upholds the comprehensive ban and complete destruction of nuclear weapons, a senior Chinese official said on Monday." ( ) China, which supports the IAEA's efforts in promoting the effectiveness and efficiency of its safeguards regime, was the first among the five nuclear weapon states to ratify the Additional Protocol to Safeguards Agreement in 2002, making a new contribution to the construction of a international non-proliferation regime, he said. Zhang said in 2003 the Chinese Government promulgated a White Paper entitled "China's Non-Proliferation Policies and Measures," which illustrates a systematic description of China's determination and sincerity in this aspect. ( ) Turning to the nuclear issue of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Zhang said China stands for keeping the Korean Peninsula free from nuclear weapons and maintaining its peace and stability. "We believe the issue should be settled peacefully through dialogues and negotiations, and the DPRK's justifiable concerns for safety should be satisfied in the process," he added.

Beijing not a test field of architects
2004-09-23 Xinhua News
Beijing is abuzz about the designs of some landmark buildings under construction or to be constructed. Some Chinese architects and critics say foreign architects have turned the capital city into a test field, some say the designs are avant-garde and some others see these designs as ugly. ( ) Andreu, attending the Architectural Biennial held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on September 20, said he could not agree to the "test field" argument. ( ) Andreu, an architect famous for his design of Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris and of course, the roof collapse of the airport terminal four months ago, regarded the dome-shaped theatre as an excellent and a secure piece. As Beijing gears up for the 2008 Olympic games, the designing of many sports venues are commissioned to foreign architect firms. The proposed new arenas include a 100,000-seat Olympic stadium by the Swiss architects Herzog de Meuron wrapped in a "bird's nest" of tangled columns, and a swimming center by the Australian firm PTW with a facade of translucent, lightweight panels to be inflated to resemble huge bubbles. ( ) Due to continuing and heated debates in China and Beijing's plan to construct the sports venues in a thrift manner, the construction on the Olympic stadium and swimming center was temporarily suspended for the designers to modify their designs. For example, the convertible roof of the "nest" stadium was erased from the design. Experts say this would make the stadium safer and it will reduce the construction costs.

Corrupt land minister expelled from Party
2004-09-20 Xinhua News
Tian Fengshan, former minister of land and resources, was expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and deprived of Party membership on corruption charges, according to a decision made at the Fourth Plenum of the CPC Central Committee, which concluded in Beijing Sunday. In a report on investigation into Tian's case, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said that Tian abused power and took bribes worth 5.03 million yuan (US$600,000) by misusing his power. In October 2003, China's top legislature, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, passed a decision to remove Tian Fengshan from the post of minister of land and resources. ( ) Tian had served as governor of Heilongjiang before he was appointed minister of land and resources in March 2000.

Huge sum to be put into social security
2004-09-18 Xinhua News
Nearly one tenth of China's State assets which stand at more than 12 trillion yuan (US$1.4 trillion) will be transferred to the insufficiently funded social security system within five years, China Daily reported Saturday. ( ) Xiang said the now elderly labourers who for years endured low pay in the planned economy in order to accumulate vast State assets were now entitled to be paid off by social security guarantee. But Xiang said previously that China's pension problem can be basically solved if the fund reaches two trillion yuan (US$240 billion). ( ) At Friday's special session, top State Council officials voiced serious concerns about China's increasingly serious pension problems, while boasting that after years of experiment and practice, a social security framework with Chinese characteristics has taken shape. China is now an ageing society. As the population's ageing quickens, the number of elderly people is becoming increasingly large. ( )

Husbands expect wives to earn less, survey shows
2004-09-21 Xinhua News
More than 60 per cent of husbands in Guangzhou, do not want their wives to earn more than they do, reports the Southern Metropolis News. A recent survey of more than 1,000 married men found that less than 10 per cent of husbands would like their wives to have better jobs and earn more than they. Meanwhile, 30 per cent said their wives' jobs and incomes were of little interest to them. ()



China will die internationale Isolierung des Dalai Lamas
2004-09-21 Wang Guangming (Übersetung)
Der aussenpolitische Sprecher Chinas betonte den Unmut Beijing über den baldigen Besuch des Dalai Lamas in Mexiko. Der Dalai Lama sei nicht einfach eine religiöse Persönlichkeit, sondern ein politischer Emigrant und Separatist des chinesischen Staates. Alle Staaten, welche die Souveränität und Chinas territoriale Integrität respektieren, sollten diesem Separatisten keine Auftrittmöglichkeit bieten.


Patrick Dreher
Embassy of Switzerland

The Press review is a random selection of political and social related news gathered from various media and news services located in the PRC, edited or translated by the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing and distributed among Swiss Government Offices. The Embassy does not accept responsibility for accuracy of quotes or truthfulness of content. Additionally the contents of the selected news mustn't correspond to the opinion of the Embassy.
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