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Informations from the Embassy in Beijing SinOptic webpage on SARS

14 - Shanghai, 30.05.2003

On Tuesday June 24, 2003, the WHO has removed its advice that people should postpone all but essential travel to Beijing, China. The Chinese capital was the last area in the world to which this advice still applied. This happy news is a welcome reward for the efforts of the Chinese authorities and people to control and combat the disease. For this Consulate General this is - hopefully - the last message about SARS it will have to send to the Swiss community in Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. As you have noticed, life is quickly going back to normal and the Shanghai-area will rapidly again reach its usually frantic pace of business. I would like to thank the Swiss community for the support given to this Consulate General during this difficult period. Special thanks go to those of you who have taken the trouble of writing to us, offering comments and suggestions. Although nobody from the Swiss community has been ill with the disease, many of you have been affected in various ways by the measures taken to combat it. To those whose business has been affected during the last couple of months, I would like to express my sympathy and encouragement, hoping that they will be able to recover their losses in the near future.
To all of you, I would like to send my best regards and my best wishes for your further stay in China.

The acting Consul General of Switzerland

Beat Kaser

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