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Informations from the Embassy in Beijing SinOptic webpage on SARS

13 - Shanghai, 30.05.2003

Our SARS-mailing no. 13 comes to you with some good news concerning your mobility.

As the SARS-situation seems to quiet down in China and as Shanghai has remained free of new cases for more than a week, the Shanghai Municipal Government has decided that the City's residents will now be treated like all visitors to the City, a move expected for some time. The measure becomes effective on Monday June 2, 2003. This means in particular that Shanghai residents who return from SARS-affected areas in China and abroad will no longer need to quarantine themselves after their return. However they will be required to fill out a set of forms and hand them over to an organisation at their residence compounds. Furthermore their temperature will need to be checked twice a day and the returning resident will have to report his/her whereabouts. Please check with the management of your residence or your local Centre for Disease Control (CDC, see list attached to our communication number 11) to which organisation you have to hand over these forms.

The list of SARS-affected area will be published every second day on the web site of the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau. The list of May 30, 2003 provided by China's Ministry of Public Health is attached for your information.

I also attach the list of SARS-hospitals as well as a list of SARS-hotlines we have just updated for the Province of Zhejiang. A similar list for Jiangsu is attached to our communication no. 5.

It appears that the authorities are trying to get life back to normal in Shanghai and its surrounding region. Domestic travel for tourism should also resume later in June. International outbound tours remain officially restricted but this could also change in the near future. The authorities are, however, reminding people to remain cautious, an advice that we would also like you to follow when you are planning your travel over the next few weeks.

On a personal note I should like to inform you that my family and I will leave Shanghai next week for a regular home leave. My Deputy Mr. Beat Kaser as well as the able team at the Consulate General will however continue to follow the situation closely and continues to provide you with any important news on this matter.

I wish all of you a pleasant summer.

The Consul General of Switzerland

Hans J. Roth

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