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N°150  December 2016 11 p.  339 kb

The story of the month covers Chinese tech firms need wider reach in 2017. China will publish standards to regulate its burgeoning robot industry. China to expand int'l cooperation on space sciences. China aims to improve fairness in education. More Chinese start-ups have begun to look beyond their home market. Johnson & Johnson teams up with Shenzhen accelerator HAX to support health care start-ups. Alipay steps up mobile payments expansion in Australian stores. China is on pace to become the world's largest market for virtual and augmented reality headsets by 2020. The biggest tech trends from China to watch out for In 2017.


N°149  November 2016 8 p.  274 kb

The story of the month covers new guideline explains criteria for registering an office and operating on the mainland have been issued. The central government released a set of guidelines to encourage rural residents to explore entrepreneurship and innovation. Beijing sets to put QR codes on public facilities. Baidu, China Unicom partner to promote artificial intelligence. China is to reform its income distribution system for science and technology (S&T) personnel to better value their contributions. Alibaba Health is expanding its pharma e-commerce business. China is producing a record number of patents in a deliberate push toward innovation, but experts warn it may be focusing on quantity over quality. Shanghai helps foreign students find internships. Tech sector urged to focus on health.


N°148  October 2016 7 p.  266 kb

The story of the month covers China leads the world in the adoption of virtual reality. China to launch first e-commerce satellite in 2017; Shenzhen aims to become south China's higher education center; China to sign more academic mutual recognition agreements; China is launching big plans to target the domestic health industry for the next decades; research and development spending growth by Chinese companies leads the global market; China introduced measures to address in the internet finance sector; State Council issues development plan for elderly education; China to launch Long March-5 carrier rocket in November.


N°147  September 2016 7 p.  261 kb

The story of the month covers China to promot sustainable development of startup investment. A Plan on transforming Beijing into a national scientific and technological innovation hub issued. China sent its second space laboratory, the Tiangong II, into orbit. The China National GeneBank officially opened. International education gains increased popularity in China. Ministry of Education issued a guideline to promote reform of the high school entrance exam. Chinese space engineers will join hands to develop a next-generation craft with enormous business potential for commercial launches and space tourism. Two-child China promises better maternity services. Role of 'Internet Plus' in modern agriculture emphasized.


N°146  August 2016 9 p.  353 kb

The story of the month covers how Wechat has changed China's mobile internet. China launches first-ever quantum communication satellite, CPC top leadership adopts plan to build 'Healthy China', China aims for broad tech progress, President Xi urges independent R&D of aviation engines, gas turbines. China climbs to top 25 innovative economies, robotic experts needed in shifting economy, China issues regulation to tighten cyber security and China's internet users total 710 million.


N°145  July 2016 7 p.  313 kb

The story of the month covers China could become the biggest industrial-robots market. Shanghai looks to develop its international education potential. Nuclear power will play an important role in China's future energy mix for emission reduction and economic growth. China has completed production of a massive amphibious aircraft. China's Beidou System targets global service around 2020. China unveils construction plan for first high-capacity broadband satellite system. Chinese scientists develop new metal 3D printing technology. China eyes increased spending on research, development.


N°144  June 2016 8 p.  306 kb

The story of the month covers Nature Magazine's list of 10 top Chinese scientists. China releases search engine regulation. Baidu to produce driverless cars in five years. Online doctor system by AliHealth as part of healthcare reform to improve patient access to care. China has more than 1,300 vocational colleges, according to Ministry of Education. China preparing for a new era of space economy. Chinese supercomputer tops list of world's fastest. Beijing's Zhongguancun Science Park, one of China's top high-tech innovation hubs, has started Inno Pioneer to invite young people from overseas to work or intern in the capital. China needs to push collaborative innovation.


N°143  May 2016 8 p.  333 kb

The story of the month covers China's innovative Transit Explore Bus. Innovation may play key G20 role. China rolls out three-year program for AI growth. China to launch world's first quantum satellite in July. CRRC unveils China's first high-tech monorail train powered by magnet motors. Annual output of China's satellite industry tops 200 billion yuan. Beijing faces opportunities in clean technology innovation. China to enhance global IP cooperation. China launches new satellite for civilian hi-res mapping.


N°142  April 2016 8 p.  294 kb

The story of the month covers China's CH series military drones. Premier Li Keqiang encouraged Chinese engineers to develop integrated innovations by going abroad to absorb advanced technologies. China's artificial intelligence companies are keener to make robots address day- to-day needs. Unified entrance exam is on way for EMBAs. Habit of reading in China expands with mobile tech. NASA views China as "potential partner" in civilian space. China open to Sino-US space cooperation. China to become aerospace power by 2030. China develops graphene electronic paper.


N°141  March 2016 7 p.  285 kb

The story of the month covers boosting science spending is one of the major elements of China's 13th Five-year Plan. Chinese search giant and leading carmaker push Beijing for laws on self-piloted cars. China sets up laboratory to research building solar power station in space. China to establish first commercial rocket launch company: Scientist. President pushes PLA to innovate. China's first national NPO in cyber security founded innovation. China rolls out new policies to encourage innovation. China's innovators to gain from new judicial interpretation. China plays increasing role in global innovation: WIPO.


N°140  February 2016 11 p.  286 kb

The story of the month covers Beijing's relaxation of entry permit in Z-Park. More fiscal expenditure on science and technology is planned to propel innovation. China plans for a space gravitational wave detection project. China will send its second orbiting space lab Tiangong-2. China becomes world's second-largest R&D performer. Shanghai hi-tech zone unveils enterprise park in Boston. New Zealand, Chinese telecom firms sign Pacific-wide Internet agreement. China to support basic research through new sci-tech plans.


N°139  January 2016 8 p.  297 kb

The story of the month covers China's progress in establishing universities of applied sciences. In research, China publishes nuclear safety white paper. 5G research and test is to start in China. China plans to send another moon probe in 2018. China's state grid plans to develop global energy interconnection. China is planning a new super computer. China to debut new carrier rockets. Chinese unmanned helicopter completes south pole flight.




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