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Newsletter (pdf) - Archive 2010

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N° 78  December 2010 7 p.  67 kb

The last newsletter for 2010 starts with an analysis of the recently released China R&D statistics, which offers insight on China's R&D landscape. Also in this month, International Energy Agency published World Energy Outlook 2010 with a special focus on China. World Health Organization hosted book launch for Chinese version of World Health Report 2010. In science, this month also sees the first Green Car Rating System in China and a new call from China's Science Ministry for “Thousand Talent Program.”


N° 77  November 2010 7 p.  69 kb

The newsletter of this month starts with an analysis of the recently announced CPCCC Proposal for the 12th Five-Year-Plan which guides China's development in the next five years. In Science and Technology this month, China-made Tianhe-1 supercomputer became the world's fastest super computer. The government released statistics on China's R&D resources which reflected heavy investment on basic research. In education, China has become the largest source of international students at U.S. universities. Also, a Consulting Committee for Education Reform has been established by the central government in their effort to advance education reform. In health, International Alliance of Chinese Medicine was founded to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine worldwide.


N° 76  October 2010 8 p.  77 kb

The final release of CPC Proposal on the 12th Five-Year-Plan, which will be discussed in detail in next month's newsletter, is accompanied by various summaries of China's progress made during the previous 5 years. This month's newsletter starts with China celebrating 60 years of receiving foreign students. In science and technology, Gansu's industry development goal has been set by the State Council. Manned Space Station Program also started in October. In education, new measures of university admission are under trial application. In health, China recently reports first cases of NDM-1 super bacteria infection.


N° 75  September 2010 7 p.  70 kb

This month sees Chinese State Council identifying several “industries of strategic importance” for further development. Also in this month, China launched 20 days campaign for nation-wide anti-measles vaccine for children. In education domain, Sino-EU Workshop on Engineering Education in the context of China's Excellent Engineer Education held at Tongji University, 17 universities directly under the Ministry of Education will work with State Oceanic Administration to develop marine sciences. In science and technology, a major research-industry collaboration project has been seen between Chinese Academy of Science and Boeing in developing bio-fuel. Also Chinese ministries openly welcome foreign investment and technology in the field of green technologies.


N° 74  August 2010 7 p.  67 kb

This month starts with an overview of the current status of College Entrance Examination in China and gives a comment on the increasing number of students giving up on Chinese higher education. In this month, Chinese State Councilor LIU Yandong proposed education integration with ASEAN countries, International Standardization Organization adopted standards on “Internet of Things” proposed by China. A major Climate Change Study program debuted in Qingdao. Shanghai has been selected as an Innovation Model. With the new school and university years starting in September, this month's edition also looks at current problems in Chinese education, such as low quality ph.d candidates and examination scams.


N° 73  July 2010 7 p.  69 kb

This month sees the release of the finalized Outline of China's National Plan for Education Reform and Development (2010-2020). Also in this month, Minister WAN Gang outlined priority development areas for health technology. Accompanying the new education development plan comes new statistics on the achievement of Chinese education. China also launched “Research on Global Change”, a new national key science and technology project to address global changes caused by climate change. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology identifies High Technology-related Service Industry as a new priority development area.


N° 72  June 2010 7 p.  129 kb

As Chinese government repeatedly stress the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), this month's newsletter starts with an overview of the role SME plays in China and how the Chinese government has been supporting SME's development. This month also sees ten year anniversary of national science and technology library, the release of Chinese Medium and Long-Term Talent Development Plan, the establishment of green leap center, the determination of the government to improve psychiatric hospitals and the opening of 6th International Education Fair in Wuhan.


N° 71  May 2010 6 p.  135 kb

As the world focuses its attention on Shanghai for the opening of EXPO, this month's newsletter starts by a discussion of how science and technology is presented in the carnival. This month also sees the approval of China's Medium and Long Term Education Development Plan, the official unveiling of Chinese character internet domain names, the beginning of nation-wide Science and Technology week, and the first-in-25 years performance appraisal of National Natural Science Foundation.


N° 70  April 2010 7 p.  394 kb

In the eve of the opening of the 2010 Shanghai Expo – which will be covered in the May 2010 issue – the newsletter of this month will start with an introduction of South University of Science and Technology of China as a testing ground for China's higher education reform. Also in this month, the Ministry of Science and Technology made public its budget for 2010. April also sees China's development in bio-tech, solar farm and lunar probe projects.


N° 69  March 2010 7 p.  138 kb

The newsletter of this month will start with a summary of the recently released draft of the State Guidelines for Medium-to- Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan. To further adapt education to the current trend, Ministry of Education called for the opening of new bachelor programs and established a Guiding Committee to promote secondary vocational education. This month also sees the progress in China's high-speed railway construction as well as China's anti-H1N1 flue medicine.


N° 68  February 2010 7 p.  286 kb

The newsletter of this month will start with the main objectives for educational development 2010 that the new education minister, Mr. Yuan Guiren will have to prioritize. It includes the educational development with strategic importance in accordance with the development plan for national economic and social progresses, to further advance the reform on educational system, to optimize the structure of education, to improve education quality and efficiency so that educational development will adapt to the social and economic development.


N° 67  January 2010 5 p.  62 kb

2010 will find Chinese policymakers increasingly focused on formulating the country's 12th Five-Year Plan (FYP) for Economic and Social Development (2011-2015). As a blueprint for laying out China's national policy priorities for the coming 5 years, the final 12th FYP to emerge will be leaded by the Strategic Planning Department of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China's lead planning agency. This edition will also inform you about the SSSTC Program that launches its 4th call for proposal for Faculty and Student Exchange, in all disciplines, with deadlines being set on March 15th, 2010. On January 15th, hundreds of thousands of Chinese turned skyward in the afternoon, attracted by the planet's longest annular solar eclipse in 1,000 years, as it crossed China. It was visible in parts of Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces as well as Chongqing municipality.




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