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N° 01 Janvier 2017 4 p.  409 kb

Research finds pesticide impairs echolocation ability in bats (Focus Taiwan, 11.01.2017)
National Taiwan University Hospital makes head, neck cancer surgery breakthrough(Taiwan Today, 19.01.2017)

Taiwan sees proliferation of small schools as birth rate falls (Focus Taiwan, 01.01.2017)
Black bear education center opened (Taipei Times, 04.01.2017)
Taiwan to tighten medical license eligibility (Focus Taiwan, 08.01.2017)
Taiwan universities promoting exchanges with Philippine schools (Focus Taiwan, 11.01.2017)
Teacher retirement age to be raised to 60: Education Ministry (Focus Taiwan, 22.01.2017)

'Asian Silicon Valley' will boost Taiwan-U.S. cooperation: Tsai (Focus Time, 04.01.2017)
Asus unveils ZenFone with Daydream, Google Tango (China Post, 06.01.2017)
ITRI demonstrates 2 cutting-edge technologies at CES 2017 (Focus Time, 09.01.2017)
MOEA expects record-breaking IC output for 4th consecutive year (Taiwan Today, 09.01.2017)
HTC unveils U Ultra, U Play models (Focus Taiwan, 12.01.2017)
Taiwan's IT spending expected to grow over 2%: Gartner (Focus Taiwan, 16.01.2017)
HTC launches 'VR for Impact' program (Focus Taiwan, 21.01.2017)