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N° 05 Mai 2016 3 p.  408 kb

Taiwan achieves best ever performance at Intel science contest (Focus Taiwan, 14.05.2016)
After fish slaying, only 6 endangered humphead wrasses left (The China Times 24.05.2016)

NTU slips in university reputation survey (Focus Taiwan, 05.05.2016)
Kindergarten marketing criticized (Taipei Times, 06.05.2016)
Taiwan and Japan deepen ties of technology schools (The China Post, 09.05.2016)
Taiwan pitching culture to promote Mandarin learning (Taipei Times, 10.05.2016)
Alma matters: Falling birthrates changing Taiwan's universities (The China Post, 23.05.2016)
Most Taiwan workers do not see postgrad degree as job guarantee: poll (Taipei Times, 25.05.2016)
Education best way to promote ‘go south’ policy (Taipei Times, 25.05.2016)

HTC reportedly to unveil smartwatch in June (Focus Taiwan, 04.05.2016)
Taiwan mobile phone users to get earthquake alerts from May 10 (Focus Taiwan, 05.05.2016)
Chinese in Kolkata seek Taiwan aid for education revival (Taipei Times, 07.05.2016)
ROC wins 78 medals at Paris invention fair including 8 golds (The China Post, 09.05.2016)
Innovative technology center opens in southern Taiwan (Taiwan Today, 19.05.2016)
Internet of Things to be showcased at Computex Taipei (Focus Taiwan, 22.05.2016)
Taiwan's ITRI creates world's first pocket sanitizer for chopsticks (Focus Taiwan, 26.05.2016)


N° 04 Avril 2016 4 p.  411 kb

Young talent needed in Taiwan's biopharmaceutical sector: academician (Focus Taiwan, 06.04.2016)
Taiwanese-American astronomer says interest keeps her going (Focus Taiwan, 07.04.2016)
Taiwan's science parks report drop in revenue in 1st two months of year (The China Post, 11.04.2016)
Three candidates selected for next Academia Sinica head (Focus Taiwan, 16.04.2016)

5 young Taiwan universities ranked among world's top 150 (The China Post, 08.04.2016)
Taitung students strike gold for design (Taipei Times, 08.04.2016)
Elementary schools cut monthly use of plastic bags by 200,000 (Focus Taiwan, 17.04.2016)
Taiwanese educator awarded by SPIE (Focus Taiwan, 18.04.2016)
Cabinet lineup for education, culture announced (Focus Taiwan, 20.04.2016)
Foreign students join Matsu pilgrimage (Taipei Times, 21.04.2016)
Australian university signs MOU with medical school (The China Post, 27.04.2016)

Garbage collection machines being tested for Taipei residents (Focus Taiwan, 05.04.2016)
Asustek wins 15 Red Dot Design Awards (The China Post, 09.04.2016)
Taiwan needs to strive for Industry 4.0: experts (Taipei Times, 09.04.2016)
Drone supply chain presents good investment opportunities: KGI (Focus Taiwan, 10.04.2016)
Annual spring tech fair to target female consumers (Focus Taiwan, 10.04.2
Microsoft seeking to upgrade Taiwan developers (Focus Taiwan, 11.04.2016)


N° 03 Mars 2016 3 p.  423 kb

This month, Taiwan's science, technology and education press review includes the following news articles: Taiwanese company develops new cancer drug for animals; Taiwan ichthyologist leads florescent fish trend; NCCU to launch Southeast Asia studies program; Review limits on specialty school teachers: lawmaker; 5 mil. Taiwanese hold degrees from higher education institutions; Teachers call for swift teaching guidelines decision; Taipei to hold international invention exhibition; Multidevice usage a way of life in Taiwan: poll; AI program partly developed by Taiwanese beats top Go player; Tainan firm transforms Taiwan textile industry; Taiwan to send FORMOSAT-7 into space by year's end; Drone firm from Taiwan flies high in global market and HTC expected to unveil flagship model next month.


N° 02 Février 2016 3 p.  403 kb

This month, Taiwan's science, technology and education press review includes the following news articles: Evidence of how ancient humans crossed Taiwan Strait still scarce; Solar eclipse to be highlight of 2016 sky: museum; New strain of chestnut-flavored pumpkin developed; Breast cancer drug trial 'successful'; Taiwan colleges in crisis as student population shrinks; Universities weigh in to help renovate rural primary schools; University uses dogs as study aides for children; LINE tops other social media among Taiwanese smartphone owners; Taiwan team wins Leap Motion app contest; New Taipei, Hsinchu named among Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2016; Safer driving with fatigue-sensing warning device; Students design origami boat to help kill mosquitos; HTC Vive priced at US$799, lower than analysts' estimates and Taiwan wins 5 iF gold awards.


N° 01 Janvier 2016 3 p.  393 kb

This month, Taiwan's science, technology and education press review includes the following news articles: Even low radiation dose can take toll: scientist; Government launches 5-year plan for indigenous education; NTU graduates top choice for most local businesses, according to survey; Number of overseas students in Taiwan tops 110,000 in 2015; Dropout rate in Taiwan up marginally in 2014-2015 academic year; Taiwan has 930,000 wearable device owners: survey; Taiwan develops 'X-ray eyes' system for surgeons; Taiwan-US team develops driverless electric vehicle; Two Kaohsiung students invent new selfie stick; Taiwan university introduces portable wind turbine; and TTRI unveils new glow-in-the-dark textile technology after years' research.