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N° 12 Décembre 2017 4 p. 543 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan, UK sign MOU on biological material patent applications (Focus Taiwan, 2.12.2017)
Taiwan-built facial detection camera debuts at IT Month show (Focus Taiwan, 6.12.2017)
Technology ministry working with Microsoft on AI development (Focus Taiwan, 6.12.2017)
Taiwan biggest winner at Hong Kong invention competition (Focus Taiwan, 8.12.2017)
TSMC November sales hit 2nd-highest monthly high (Focus Taiwan, 9.12.2017)
Taiwan establishes artificial intelligence industry-academia alliance (Focus Taiwan, 9.12.2017)
Taiwan-made driverless cars ready to hit the road: developer (Focus Taiwan, 9.12.2017)
Government to introduce nationwide information security network (Focus Taiwan, 12.12.2017)
Acer VR joint venture working with SEGA, aimed at Japan market (Focus Taiwan, 23.12.2017)
Hon Hai unveils supercomputer system (Focus Taiwan, 26.12.2017)
Taiwan to open national pavilion at CES 2018 (Focus Taiwan, 26.12.2017)

Taiwanese scholars call for more philosophy education (Focus Taiwan, 2.12.2017)
Taiwan gets eighth place in international reading assessment (Focus Taiwan, 5.12.2017)
NTU sets up online open course portal targeting Southeast Asian countries (Taiwan Today, 5.12.2017)
59 Taiwan, Indonesian universities sign cooperation pacts (Taiwan Today, 12.12.2017)
Taiwan shines at International Junior Science Olympiad (Taiwan Today, 13.12.2017)
Traveling college coming to Taipei for one semester (Focus Taiwan, 14.12.2017)
10,000 Taiwanese traveled to Philippines to study English in 2017 (Focus Taiwan, 15.12.2017)
N° 11 Novembre 2017 3 p. 616 kb
Science / Technology
iPhone X hits stores in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 3.11.2017)
Line stages Taiwan TechPulse event, hopes to find new partners (Focus Taiwan, 3.11.2017)
AI technology expected to get more humanized, interactive (Focus Taiwan, 3.11.2017)
Qualcomm’s halt of deal with ITRI could hurt Taiwan’s 5G development (Focus Taiwan, 5.11.2017)
AIoT to create new business opportunities for Taiwan: IEK (Focus Taiwan, 6.11.2017)
Two ITRI technologies win CES 2018 Innovation Awards (Focus Taiwan, 13.11.2017)
HTC unveils new standalone VR headset in Beijing (Focus Taiwan, 14.11.2017)
Asia-Pacific experts gather in Taipei for tech-focused women’s entrepreneurship workshop (Taiwan Today, 15.11.2017)
Taiwan-developed LCD waste recycling system wins R&D 100 Award (Focus Taiwan, 20.11.2017)
MediaTek to hold mobile phone design program for Indian talent (20.11.2017)
Taiwan-Russia workshop to develop two-way cooperation (Focus Taiwan, 22.11.2017)
Leading Russian scientist says founding of Tang Prize was ‘timely’ (Focus Taiwan, 22.11.2017)
Two astrophysicists win 2017 Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Grand Prize (Focus Taiwan, 23.11.2017)
Premier aiming for mobile payment penetration rate of 90% by 2025 (Focus Taiwan, 24.11.2017)
VP Chen affirms Taiwan’s commitment to smart robot development (Taiwan Today, 27.11.2017)
Photo quality of FormoSat-5 of commercial value now: NSPO (Focus Taiwan, 29.11.2017)
Taiwanese scholar receives Switzerland’s top chemistry award (Focus Taiwan, 29.11.2017)

Over 70 foreign students to compete in Chinese speaking competition (Focus Taiwan, 1.11.2017)
American student wins Mandarin speech contest in Taipei (Focus Taiwan, 3.11.2017)
Over 70% agree vocational education good for careers: poll (Focus Taiwan, 4.11.2017)
Taiwan wins gold at international synthetic biology competition (Focus Taiwan, 17.11.2017)
Taiwan maintains 23rd in IMD global talent competitiveness report (Taiwan Today, 21.11.2017)
Taiwan enrollments at US tertiary institutions continue climbing (Taiwan Today, 16.11.2017)
N° 10 Octobre 2017 3 p. 616 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan wins 50 medals, 6 special prizes at Ukraine invention show (Focus Taiwan, 1.10.2017)
The story behind TSMC’s Morris Chang (Focus Taiwan, 2.10.2017)
Taiwan, India foster closer ties on technological development (Taiwan Today, 13.10.2017)
Tang Prize winner develops new genome editing techniques (Focus Taiwan, 13.10.2017)
Taiwan contributes to historic astronomy research (Focus Taiwan, 17.10.2017)
Plans for second set of FormoSat-7 satellites scrapped: NSPO (Focus Taiwan, 20.10.2017)
Taiwan aiming to boost cooperation with U.S. through training program (Focus Taiwan, 20.10.2017)
3 Taiwan tech firms feature in Forbes top regarded company list (Focus Taiwan, 21.10.2017)
Science ministry to invest NT$4 billion on AI training (Focus Taiwan, 24.10.2017)
Qualcomm suspends 5G cooperation with Taiwan’s ITRI (Focus Taiwan, 25.10.2017)
Four Taiwan cities, counties listed in 2018 Smart21 Communities (Focus Taiwan, 28.10.2017)
FormoSat-7 satellite group to be launched in mid-2018 (Focus Taiwan, 30.10.2017)

Global scholarships attract record number of applications (Taiwan Today, 3.10.2017)
NTNU ranked 22nd best university for education degrees (Focus Taiwan, 5.10.2017)
11 Taiwan universities rank among top 100 in Asia (Taiwan Today, 18.10.2017)
Taiwan, France sign MOU on Taiwan Studies Program (Focus Taiwan, 21.10.2017)
University in Kinmen to establish social business research center (Focus Taiwan, 21.10.2017)
NTU listed top Taiwanese university in global rankings (Focus Taiwan, 26.10.2017)
N° 09 Septembre 2017 3 p. 522 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan plans to launch its first indigenous AUV within 5 years (Focus Taiwan, 1.9.2017)
More than 400 Gogoro GoStations now available in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 8.9.2017)
Asia’s first Merck application development center founded in Kaohsiung (Focus Taiwan, 8.9.2017)
World Congress on Information Technology opens in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 11.9.2017)
FormoSat-5 images out of focus; adjustment may take months: NARLabs (Focus Taiwan, 19.9.2017)
FormoSat-5 functioning as expected: science minister (Focus Taiwan, 20.9.2017)
Taiwan seeks exchanges with renewable energy developers in Europe (Focus Taiwan, 23.9.2017)
Taiwan to invest over NT$1 billion annually in AI (Focus Taiwan, 25.9.2017)
Taiwan, Philippines sign agreements on industrial collaboration (Focus Taiwan, 28.9.2017)


MOE upgrades Taiwan’s Mandarin proficiency test (Taiwan Today, 1.9.2017)
President Tsai welcomes overseas compatriot students from SE Asia (Taiwan Today, 12.9.2017)
Government offers research grants for women scientists (Focus Taiwan, 29.9.2017)
N° 08 Août 2017 4 p. 612 kb
Science / Technology
Scientist seeks to explain mass bee disappearances (Focus Taiwan, 9.8.2017)
ITRI, Oxford Instruments to further strengthen cooperation (Focus Taiwan, 10.8.2017)
Aerospace and defense technology exhibition kicks off in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 17.8.2017)
Acer opens solar power station (Focus Taiwan, 18.8.2017)
Top trends, technologies on show at Taipei 101 Smart Trend Exhibition (Taiwan Today, 18.8.2017)
Final preparations underway for launch of Taiwan’s Formosat-5 (Focus Taiwan, 19.8.2017)
FormoSat-5 will help speed disaster prevention and relief: expert (Focus Taiwan, 24.8.2017)
FormoSat-5 successfully makes it into orbit (Focus Taiwan, 25.8.2017)
FormoSat-5 launches into space after years of challenges (Focus Taiwan, 25.8.2017)
FormoSat-5 begins contact with ground station (Focus Taiwan, 25.8.2017)
Launch of FormoSat-7 set for mid-2018: minister (Focus Taiwan, 25.8.2017)
U.S. has detected, numbered FormoSat-5: project head (Focus Taiwan, 28.8.2017)
Taiwan ranks 2nd at International Earth Science Olympiad (Taiwan Today, 30.8.2017)

Taiwan takes 5th place at International Olympiad in Informatics (Taiwan Today, 7.8.2017)
Mandarin On-The-Go tours of Taiwan launched by Ministry of Education (Taiwan Today, 9.8.2017)
National Open University promotes Mandarin education in Thailand (Taiwan Today, 10.8.2017)
Taiwan partners with Vietnamese university on scientific research (Focus Taiwan, 22.8.2017)
Education fairs in Indonesia promote study in Taiwan (Taiwan Today, 28.8.2017)
Tang Prize Foundation, IUBMB cooperate in promoting science education (Focus Taiwan, 30.8.2017)
N° 07 Juillet 2017 4 p. 612 kb
Science / Technology
Gogoro launches first solar-powered battery station (Focus Taiwan, 08.07.2017)
Tsai calls for Taiwan-Europe tie-ups on green energy, smart tech (Taiwan Today, 07.07.2017)
Taiwan heavily dependent on U.S. for technology (Focus Taiwan, 05.07.2017)
Taiwan talent to take center stage at World Congress on Information Technology (Taiwan Today, 05.07.2017)
Forum on innovative cities and green energy set for Thursday (Focus Taiwan, 04.07.2017)
Taiwan aims to advance its aerospace industry: premier (Focus Taiwan, 15.07.2017)
Taiwan shines at Tokyo invention expo (Focus Taiwan, 08.07.2017)
Volkswagen partners with HTC Vive for auto production, logistics (Focus Taiwan, 08.07.2017)
Regional youth climate change seminar gets underway in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 04.07.2017)
Visa plans to introduce QR code payments in Taiwan by end-2018 (Focus Taiwan, 03.07.2017)

Taiwan students excel at International Biology Olympiad (Taiwan Today, 01.07.2017)
Taiwan places top 10 in international math, physics Olympiads (Taiwan Today, 04.07.2017)
Tutoring program giving new immigrant students a chance (Focus Taiwan, 10.07.2017)
Taiwanese, Philippine universities team up to promote exchanges (Focus Taiwan, 08.07.2017)
Taiwanese, Vietnamese universities forge cooperation links (Focus Taiwan, 10.07.2017)
Seven Taiwan universities rank in Asia-Pacific top 100 (Taiwan Today, 06.07.2017)
2017 Taiwan Higher Education Fairs wrap up in Myanmar (Taiwan Today, 05.07.2017)
N° 06 Juin 2017 3 p. 496 kb
Science / Technology
Computex Taipei draws record number of buyers, tech professionals (Taiwan Today, 07.06.2017)
Taiwan ranked 16th globally in Internet speed report (Focus Taiwan, 07.06.2017)
EVA Air introduces upgraded passenger service robot (China Times, 08.06.2017)
Company seeks to make smart toilet with urine sensor (Focus Taiwan, 12.06.2017)
HTC U11 enjoys strong sales (Focus Taiwan, 15.06.2017)
Taiwan scientists find potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease (Focus Taiwan, 17.06.2017)
Free Wi-Fi is coming to every high-speed train by Universiade (China Times, 19.06.2017)
Innolux to mass-produce world’s 1st flexible fingerprint sensors (Focus Taiwan, 20.06.2017)Education
University graduates bemoan low wages, despite record high (Focus Taiwan, 01.06.2017)
NTU ranks 76th In QS world university rankings (Focus Taiwan, 08.06.2017)
NTU rises in Times Higher Education Rankings (China Post, 15.06.17)
N° 05 Mai 2017 3 p. 552 kb
Science / Technology
Local winners of NASA hackathon announced in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 02.05.2017)
Science Ministry to set up robot production base (Focus Taiwan, 03.05.2017)
III to work with Microsoft in fostering local data science talents (Taiwan Today, 05.05.2017)
Taiwan wins 74 medals at Paris invention fair (Focus Today, 07.05.2017)
Taiwan can become Asia’s biotech hub: vice president (Focus Taiwan, 13.05.2017)
ITRI develops world’s first easy-to-use pesticide detector (China Post, 24.05.2017)Education
Taiwan students shine at Intel science fair (Taiwan Today, 22.05.2017)
N° 04 Avril 2017 4 p. 517 kb
Science / Technology
Built for winning (China Post, 05.04.2017)
Taiwan remains the world’s largest IC materials buyer (Taiwan Today, 05.04.2017)
Taiwan to join NASA hackathon for first time (Focus Taiwan, 06.04.2017)
Science parks, YunTech and IIT Hyderabad sign MOU in Hsinchu (Focus Taiwan, 17.04.17)
ITRI Wins 2017 Edison Awards with URABat (Focus Taiwan, 22.04.2017)Education
Global international studies conference kicks off in Taipei (Focus Taiwan, 01.04.2017)
Cabinet savings program to give kids in need NT$540,000 on 18th birthday (China Post, 05.04.2017)
Taiwan signs cooperation pact with Stanford University (Focus Taiwan, 05.04.2017)
Stipend for Chinese language teachers in Southeast Asia to be raised (Focus Taiwan, 05.04.2017)
Indonesia eying closer higher education ties with Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 11.04.2017)
Taiwan to offer NT$125,000 monthly stipend to lure overseas talent (Focus Taiwan, 18.04.2017)
Growing number of college students postponing graduation (Focus Taiwan, 19.04.2017)
Taiwan, India launch ‘Intern India’ program for Taiwanese students (Focus Taiwan, 22.04.2017)
N° 03 Mars 2017 4 p. 479 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan ranked 11th in global mobile data speeds (Taiwan Today, 01.03.2017)
HTC to unveil mobile VR device, Re2 by year-end (Focus Taiwan, 01.03.2017)
Taiwan sets 10-year deadline to complete fighter jet prototype (Focus Taiwan, 02.03.2017)
Taiwan telecom firm forges 5G partnerships with Nokia, Ericsson (Taiwan Today, 03.03.2017)
Xiaomi chips made with support from TSMC: Xiaomi chairman (Focus Taiwan, 09.03.2017)
Taiwan’s average Internet speed ranked 19th worldwide (Focus Taiwan, 13.03.2017)
Apple leads in U.S. smartphone market: comScore report (Focus Taiwan, 13.03.2017)
HTC to sell its Shanghai factory in favor of VR business (Focus Taiwan, 15.03.17)
Taiwan-developed ‘smart helmet’ showcased in Silicon Valley (Focus Taiwan, 21.03.2017)Education
OCAC seeks participants in overseas internship program (Focus Taiwan, 01.03.2017)
Going Global (Taiwan Today, 01.03.2017)
MOE to draft guidelines on university pledges for Chinese students (Focus Taiwan, 06.03.2017)
33 percent of Ph.D graduates consider working overseas: survey (Focus Taiwan, 14.03.2017)
Nine Taiwan schools among top 100 in Times Asia University Rankings (Focus Taiwan, 16.03.2017)
Kaohsiung hosts global education conference (Taiwan Today, 23.03.2017)
Over 100 foreign students join Mazu frenzy in Taichung (Taiwan Today, 25.03.2017)
N° 02 Février 2017 4 p. 369 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan-Canada research team sheds light on dinosaur evolution (Taiwan Today, 03.02.2017)
Taiwan, India sign MOU on telematics cooperation (Focus Taiwan, 04.02.2017)
Taiwan bags 4 gold invention awards in Thailand (Focus Taiwan, 06.02.2017)
Taiwan team makes breakthrough in carbon conversion technology (Taiwan Today, 10.02.2017)
HTC starts to provide ‘cosmetic pink U Ultra’ (Focus Taiwan, 13.02.2017)
HTC to unveil mobile VR device by year end: report (Focus Taiwan, 16.02.2017)
Taiwan launches 1st landfill-based solar power plant (Taiwan Today, 17.02.2017)
Taiwanese technology can help India fight pollution: official (Focus Taiwan, 20.02.2017)Education
2 Taiwan schools on Times list of most international universities (China Post, 02.02.2017)
Subsidy offered for young people to study in Southeast Asia (Focus Taiwan, 08.02.2017)
NTU seminar boosts Taiwan-India exchanges (Taiwan Today, 10.02.2017)
NTHU planning to set up more Taiwan Education Centers in India (Focus Taiwan, 11.02.2017)
Taipei ranked world’s 21st best city for students (Taiwan Today, 16.02.2017)
N° 01 Janvier 2017 4 p. 409 kb
Research finds pesticide impairs echolocation ability in bats (Focus Taiwan, 11.01.2017)
National Taiwan University Hospital makes head, neck cancer surgery breakthrough(Taiwan Today, 19.01.2017)Education
Taiwan sees proliferation of small schools as birth rate falls (Focus Taiwan, 01.01.2017)
Black bear education center opened (Taipei Times, 04.01.2017)
Taiwan to tighten medical license eligibility (Focus Taiwan, 08.01.2017)
Taiwan universities promoting exchanges with Philippine schools (Focus Taiwan, 11.01.2017)
Teacher retirement age to be raised to 60: Education Ministry (Focus Taiwan, 22.01.2017)Technology
‘Asian Silicon Valley’ will boost Taiwan-U.S. cooperation: Tsai (Focus Time, 04.01.2017)
Asus unveils ZenFone with Daydream, Google Tango (China Post, 06.01.2017)
ITRI demonstrates 2 cutting-edge technologies at CES 2017 (Focus Time, 09.01.2017)
MOEA expects record-breaking IC output for 4th consecutive year (Taiwan Today, 09.01.2017)
HTC unveils U Ultra, U Play models (Focus Taiwan, 12.01.2017)
Taiwan’s IT spending expected to grow over 2%: Gartner (Focus Taiwan, 16.01.2017)
HTC launches ‘VR for Impact’ program (Focus Taiwan, 21.01.2017)