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N° 09 Septembre 2019 4 p. 479 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan to launch new ocean research fleet in 2020 (Focus Taiwan, 2.9.2019)
Taiwan hospital makes breakthrough in hemophilia screening (Focus Taiwan, 4.9.2019)
Yunlin research center bolsters Taiwan’s floriculture industry (Taiwan Today, 6.9.2019)
Taiwan launches its first gut microbiota laboratory (Focus Taiwan, 5.9.2019)
Germany hoping to cooperate with Taiwan on climate change research (Focus Taiwan, 10.9.2019)
Google to set up data center in Tainan (Focus Taiwan, 11.9.2019)
SEMICOM Taiwan to open on Sept. 18; leaders to gather in tech forum (Focus Taiwan,
MediaTek invests over NT$100 billion on 5G chip development (Focus Taiwan, 19.9.2019)
Presidential Science Prize winners announced (Taiwan Today, 19.9.2019)
5G spectrum auctions to kick off Dec. 10 (Focus Taiwan, 23.9.2019)
New findings in Taiwan may lead to ‘cure’ for diet-induced obesity (Focus Taiwan, 27.9.2019)
Taiwan-US science, technology cooperation strengthened (Taiwan Today, 27.9.2019)

Team Taiwan clinches 3rd at International Earth Science Olympiad (Taiwan Today, 3.9.2019)
APEC talent development forum wraps up in Taiwan (Taiwan Today, 18.9.2019)
NTU ranked 120th best university in the world (Focus Taiwan, 12.9.2019)
President Tsai receives outstanding young adults (Taiwan Today, 24.9.2019)
N° 08 Août 2019 4 p. 489 kb
Science / Technology
TSMC, Alibaba top domestic, foreign patent applicants in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 3.8.2019)
APO smart manufacturing center of excellence launched in Taichung (Taiwan Today, 07.8.2019)
Indigenous anti-radiation drone to be exhibited at TADTE (Focus Taiwan, 9.8.2019)
Tech companies plan more investments in Taiwan (Taiwan Today, 09.8.2019)
Artificial intelligence R&D cooperation pact inked by ITRI, UCLA (Taiwan Today, 14.8.2019)
Aerospace, defense technology expo takes off in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 15.8.2019)
MOST celebrates 60 years of scientific achievement (Taiwan Today, 21.8.2019)
VP Chen touts Taiwan’s progress in smart manufacturing promotion (Taiwan Today, 22.8.2019)
U.S. naval research vessel visits Keelung for science project (Focus Taiwan, 22.8.2019)
TSMC ranks as No. 3 chip supplier in H1; MediaTek No. 15 (Focus Taiwan, 24.8.2019)
Micron’s Taichung plant expected to be ready in 2020 Q4 (Focus Taiwan, 26.8.2019)
Taiwan unveils driverless WinBus (Taiwan News, 27.8.2019)
Taiwan, Sweden ink R&D synergy cooperation pact (Taiwan Today, 30.8.2019)
Taiwanese student wins top prize in Microsoft Office contest (Taiwan News, 01.8.2019)
Taiwan wins big at international mathematics competition (Focus Taiwan, 06.8.2019)
Taiwan’s college admission rate at record low (Taiwan News, 08.8.2019)
Taiwan’s Team NCTU competes in DARPA Subterranean Challenge (Taiwan News, 12.8.2019)
Taiwan should recruit more students from Hong Kong and Macau (Taiwan News, 19.8.2019)
Taiwan shines at international WorldSkills Competition (Focus Taiwan, 28.8.2019)
Starting salary of higher education graduates averages NT$34,278 (Focus Taiwan, 29.8.2019)
AIT to celebrate Education Month in September (Focus Taiwan, 30.8.2019)
N° 07 Juillet 2019 4 p. 463 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan tackles brain drain to China head on (Taiwan News, 4.7.2019)
Google to move into Tpark for AI development (Focus Taiwan, 6.7.2019)
Cosmetics containing cancerogenic [sic] asbestos made by Taiwanese firm (Taiwan News, 9.7.2019)
Taiwan biggest winner at IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (Taiwan News, 10.6.2019)
Taiwan to surpass S. Korea as largest semiconductor making market in world (Taiwan Today, 11.7.2019)
Science ministry to lead start-up delegation to CES (Focus Taiwan, 16.7.2019)
Taiwan first in Asia to have real-time bikeshare info on Google Maps (Focus Taiwan, 17.7.2019)
Taiwan’s Windrider supercomputer to be donated to NCKU (Focus Taiwan, 17.7.2019)
FormoSat-7 transmits first data back to Earth (Focus Taiwan, 17.7.2019)
VP Chen awards international winners of Presidential Hackathon (Focus Taiwan, 23.7.2019)
BIO Asia-Taiwan expo kicks off in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 25.7.2019)
Joint R&D center opening highlights growing Taiwan-India academic ties (Taiwan Today, 29.7.2019)
Taiwan tackles brain drain to China head on (Taiwan News, 4.7.2019)
Taiwan ranked 17th in education systems effectiveness index (Taiwan News, 18.7.2019)
Taiwan’s National Tsinghua University launches project in Singapore (Taiwan News, 19.7.2019)
National Taiwan University among 60 top universities for reputation (Taiwan News, 19.7.2019)
Taiwan ranks 5th at 2019 International Physics Olympiad (Taiwan News, 19.7.2019)
Taiwan to see largest university merger in its history (Taiwan News, 23.7.2019)
Taiwan indigenous children’s choir awarded gold at Vienna Intl. Competition (Taiwan News, 29.7.2019)
Taiwan wins 2 gold, 2 silver medals at Chemistry Olympiad in Paris (Focus Taiwan, 30.7.2019)
N° 06 Juin 2019 4 p. 482 kb
Science / Technology
HTC VR apps to support Windows MR headsets (Focus Taiwan, 1.6.2019)
Taiwan researchers working on method to predict, slow ALS progression (Focus Taiwan 4.6.2019)
Taiwan’s TSMC says demand from China’s Huawei falling (Taiwan News 5.6.2019)
Taiwan now No.1 biggest semiconductor equipment spender in world (Taiwan News, 5.6.2019)
HTC reports 26.7% monthly rise in sales for May (The China Post, 7.6.2019)
Startup finding success with new contactless blood pressure sensor (Focus Taiwan, 10.6.2019)
TSMC sales in May hit 2019 high, but still down from 2018 (Taiwan News, 10.6.2019)
ITRI, Applied Materials sign open innovation agreement (Taiwan Today, 12.6.2019)
Government to fund 5G development in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 13.6.2019)
MediaTek’s 5G chipset to enter commercial production in Q3 2020 (Focus Taiwan, 14.06.2019)
HTC plans to launch 5G smartphones next year (Focus Taiwan, 15.6.2019)
Taoyuan City wins Intelligent Community of the Year (Taiwan Today, 17.6.2019)
NTHU research team introduces smart garbage can in Hsinchu (Focus Taiwan, 18.6.2019)
Orsted secures NT$25 billion green revolving loan in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 21.6.2019)
Tsai hails FormoSat-7 launch as Taiwan space technology milestone (Focus Taiwan, 25.6.2019)
NTUH introduces AI skin disease diagnostic support system (Focus Taiwan, 26.6.2019)
Yamaha releases new electric scooter made by Taiwan’s Gogoro (Taiwan News, 28.06.2019)
Taiwan’s college tuition ranks No 14 in the world: Taiwan Higher Education Union (Taiwan News, 4.6.2019)
Indonesia continues sending college graduates to study in Taiwan: MOE (Focus Taiwan, 9.6.2019)
Taiwan’s NCTU launches master’s degree program in Vietnam (Focus Taiwan, 17.6.2019)
NTU rises to 69th in QS world university rankings (Focus Taiwan, 20.6.2019)
Taiwan to amend Medical Law which may affect med students studying abroad (Taiwan News, 25.6.2019)
N° 05 Mai 2019 4 p. 448 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan expert develops smartphone app to identify medications (Focus Taiwan 7.5.2019)
LINE to invest additional US$100 million in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan 8.5.2019)
Google’s Pixel 3a series of phones go on sale in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 8.5.2019)
Intel to open Project Athena lab in Taipei next month (Focus Taiwan, 8.5.2019)
Taiwan, Czech Republic discuss technology exchanges (Focus Taiwan, 8.5.2019)
TSMC largest R&D spender among Taiwan listed manufacturers in 2018 (Focus Taiwan, 13.5.2019)
HTC’s new Blockchain phone to hit store shelves in Q3 (Focus Taiwan, 13.5.2019)
Nanotech vaccine sheds light in fight against lethal virus (Focus Taiwan, 14.5.2019)
Asustek unveils ZenFone 6 with flip camera (Focus Taiwan, 17.5.2019)
Phase 2 of Taiwan’s offshore wind farm project breaks ground (The China Post, 19.5.2019)
Startup firm seeks clinical trials in U.S for brain surgery material (Focus Taiwan, 21.5.2019)
Taiwan’s ITRI to help Malaysian company ‘turn waste into gold’ (Focus Taiwan, 22.5.2019)
Taiwan’s top telecoms to stop selling Huawei smartphones (Focus Taiwan, 22.5.2019)
Taiwan’s TSMC still expects growth despite Huawei trouble (Taiwan News, 23.5.2019)
Apple to open 2nd official store in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 24.5.2019)
HTC to ship 5G smart hub in U.S. market at end of May (Focus Taiwan, 24.5.2019)
Computex to open May 28 with focus on AI, IoT (Focus Taiwan, 25.5.2019)
32 Taiwan schools listed in Times Asia University Rankings (Focus Taiwan,
Taiwan aiming to give indigenous people more say in education planning (Focus Taiwan, 9.5.2019)
Education Ministry wants separation of internships, part-time work (Focus Taiwan, 13.5.2019)
Taiwan to invest NT$222 million in science education (Focus Taiwan, 27.5.2019)
Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology launches TOP Grants for students overseas (Taiwan News, 28.5.2019)
N° 04 Avril 2019 5 p. 449 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan-developed app finds smartphone use impact on sleep, health (Focus Taiwan, 1.4.2019)
Taiwanese lab develops ‘mouse avatars’ to help cancer patients (Focus Taiwan 2.4.2019)
Taiwan ranks No.1 in IC material market for 9th straight year (Focus Taiwan 3.4.2019)
ITRI’s road safety technology wins silver at Edison Awards (Focus Taiwan, 5.4.2019)
Taiwan-participated global project to reveal first black hole image (Focus Taiwan, 9.4.2019)
Taiwan joins global effort to reveal first image of black hole (Focus Taiwan, 10.4.2019)
Taiwan’s ITRI, Hon Hai on Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators list (Focus Taiwan, 12.4.2019)
Facebook opens new headquarters in Taiwan (The China Post, 12.4.2019)
Taiwan develops Asia’s first ASF rapid test kit (Focus Taiwan, 13.4.2019)
FormoSat-7 satellite group departs Taiwan for U.S. (Focus Taiwan, 15.4.2019)
Foxconn, HTC made Forbes’ ‘Blockchain 50’ list (Taiwan News, 18.4.2019) .
HTC backs US$50 million fund for new blockchain startup (Focus Taiwan, 18.4.2019)
Taiwan makes advance in biofuel production technique (Focus Taiwan, 19.4.2019)
TSMC takes lead in 8 advanced technologies in last 2 years (Focus Taiwan, 23.4.2019)
Taiwan develops new concrete for high-rise buildings (Focus Taiwan, 23.4.2019)
Taiwanese data buoys to improve typhoon forecast accuracy (Focus Taiwan, 25.4.2019)
U.S.-based Taiwan scientist finds new solar energy solutions (Focus Taiwan, 26.4.2019)
HTC to unveil 2nd generation Blockchain phone later this year (Focus Taiwan, 27.4.2019)
Coral spawning off eastern Taiwan recorded for first time (Focus Taiwan, 29.4.2019)
Three Taiwanese universities make top 100 in first impact rankings (Taiwan News, 5.4.2019)
Taiwan ramping up efforts to recruit foreign English teachers (Taiwan News, 8.4.2019)
Students speak out against fake news, demand fact-checking (Focus Taiwan, 13.4.2019)
College fees to rise 2.17%: education ministry (Focus Taiwan, 22.4.2019)
N° 03 Mars 2019 4 p. 444 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwanese researchers develop dye-sensitized solar cell using pitaya (Focus Taiwan, 4.3.2019)
Taiwan boosts science, technology cooperation with Australia, Sri Lanka (Taiwan Today, 5.3.2019)
HTC partners with U.S. museum to host VR expo on T-Rex (Focus Taiwan 8.3.2019)
Hon Hai’s 35 production sites listed as top 200 Apple suppliers (Focus Taiwan 9.3.2019)
Taiwan team through to national robotics competition in U.S. (Focus Taiwan, 11.3.2019) .
New medical smartphone app helps manage wounds: NTUH (Focus Taiwan, 14.3.2019)
HTC to offer unlimited access to VR content at flat rate (Focus Taiwan, 16.3.2019)
NTU math professor wins Taiwan female science award (Taiwan Today, 18.3.2019)
HTC teams up with NVIDIA in VR development (Focus Taiwan, 20.3.2019) .
U.K.-Taiwan science research project funds 11 Taiwanese researchers (Focus Taiwan, 25.3.2019)
Smart city expo showcasing latest AI applications (Focus Taiwan, 26.3.2019)
Making Taipei a ‘living lab’ for smart city solutions: Taipei Mayor Ko (Taiwan News, 26.3.2019)
Teco to start shipping service robots to Australia in May (Focus Taiwan, 26.3.2019)
Google introduces new job search function for Taiwan users (Focus Taiwan, 27.3.2019)
Taiwanese students win international architecture prize (Focus Taiwan, 12.3.2019)
Taiwan will have to compete for Filipino English teachers: educator (The China Post, 14.3.2019)
MOL, WorldSkills sign pact on promoting vocational training internationally (Taiwan Today, 14.3.2019)
Taiwan struggles to retain talents (The China Post, 21.3.2019)
Taiwan high school student wins big at prestigious Italian science competition (Taiwan Today, 21.3.2019)
N° 02 Février 2019 4 p. 435 kb
Science / Technology
Mobile Internet use in Taiwan tops 70 percent for 1st time (Focus Taiwan, 10.2.2019)
Taiwan set to offer cell therapies to treat cancers, joint disease (Taiwan Today, 12.2.2019)
Taiwan’s new satellite ready for transport to U.S. (Focus Taiwan 18.2.2019)
Taiwanese software engineer transforms movie industry (Focus Taiwan 18.2.2019)
New satellite will enhance Taiwan’s disaster preparedness: Tsai (Focus Taiwan, 21.2.2019)
HTC unveils Vive Focus Plus (The China Post, 22.2.2019)
3D images of Taiwan to be pulled from Google Maps (Focus Taiwan, 23.2.2019)
Taiwan firms to demonstrate 5G capability at MWC (Focus Taiwan, 25.2.2019)
New exhibition celebrates 40 years of U.S.-Taiwan space cooperation (Focus Taiwan, 26.2.2019)
HTC unveils 5G smart hub at MWC (Focus Taiwan, 26.2.2019)
HTC’s first blockchain phone to go on sale in Taiwan on March 1 (Focus Taiwan, 27.2.2019)
Taiwan Education Center, Philippines school promote study in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 18.2.2019)
Students urge high schools to stop making exam results public (Focus Taiwan, 23.2.2019)
Taiwan’s sports universities provide athletes with top-class degrees, training (Taiwan News, 24.2.2019)
N° 01 Janvier 2019 4 p. 417 kb
Science / Technology
TSMC denies reports of trade secret leaks in BASF case (Focus Taiwan, 7.1.2019)
US Smithsonian magazine praises Taiwan’s recycling success (Taiwan Today, 8.1.2019)
HTC unveils new VR headsets ahead of CES (Focus Taiwan, 7.1.2019)
Semi-official Taiwan think tank joins Quantum Alliance Initiative (Focus Taiwan, 13.1.2019)
Taiwan startups win 8 awards, secure deals at CES 2019 (The China Post, 13.1.2019)
Hon Hai has 100,000 robots running in China production bases: Gou (Focus Taiwan, 14.1.2019)
Chailease to invest NT$10 billion in solar power development (Focus Taiwan, 14.1.2019)
Third space program to focus on satellite development: ministry (Focus Taiwan, 16.1.2019)
III to bar China-made devices from accessing its internal network (Focus Taiwan, 16.1.2019)
NARLabs launches National Laboratory Animal Center (Focus Taiwan, 17.1.2019)
Science ministry recruits Uber Taiwan as partner to help start-ups (Focus Taiwan, 21.1.2019)
Global 5G group kicks off working group meeting in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 21.1.2019)
New Taipei City to offer test for children on local historic sites (Taiwan Today, 3.1.2019)
New NTU president vows to lead university into brighter future (Focus Taiwan, 8.1.2019)
9 Taiwan universities rank among top 100 in emerging economies (Taiwan Today, 16.1.2019)
Taiwan language exchange program bears fruit in the Philippines (The China Post, 16.1.2019)