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N° 06 Juin 2020 4 p. 477 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan-made rapid test for COVID-19 may be available by year-end: NHRI (Focus Taiwan, 01.06.2020)
MediaTek denies helping Huawei skirt U.S. sanctions (Focus Taiwan, 02.06.2020)
4 Taiwan municipalities win at IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (Taiwan Today, 03.06.2020)
Chunghwa Telecom receives first 5G license in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 03.06.2020)
Taiwan draws up plan to woo US$1.3 billion of annual tech research in semiconductors, 5G and AI (SCMP, 04.06.2020)
Taiwan approves 1st domestic COVID-19 antibody reagent (Focus Taiwan, 05.06.2020)
Taiwan launches website to share COVID-19 experience worldwide (Focus Taiwan, 07.06.2020)
Far EasTone second company in Taiwan to gain 5G license (Focus Taiwan, 10.06.2020)
Cabinet passes NT$17.7 bn. plan to develop display technology sector (Focus Taiwan, 11.06.2020)
FinTech cooperation agreement inked by Taiwan, Canada (Taiwan Today, 17.06.2020)
Hon Hai sets up research institute for new technology development (Focus Taiwan, 17.06.2020)
HTC unveils Taiwan’s first 5G smartphone (Taiwan News, 17.06.2020)
Taiwan, Sweden launch NT$250 million initiative (Taipei Times, 19.06.2020)
Taoyuan plans agricultural biotech park to boast Taiwan’s circular economy (Taiwan News, 23.06.2020)
Taiwan’s Pingtung County begins installing 99MW solar power station (Taiwan News, 29.06.2020)
Analysis | Many challenges ahead for making Taiwan bilingual (The China Post, 22.06.2020)
NTU sets goal to become carbon neutral by 2048 (Focus Taiwan, 23.06.2020)
N° 05 Mai 2020 4 p. 477 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan unveils technology for contact-free care of COVID-19 patients (Focus Taiwan, 01.05.2020)
COVID-19 transmission highest within a week of symptom onset: study (Focus Taiwan, 02.05.2020)
COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows promising results in early testing (The China Post, 06.05.2020)
Scientists find clues to how prehistoric birds survived mass extinction (Focus Taiwan, 07.05.2020)
Doctors inhibit key COVID-19 complication with blood purification (Focus Taiwan, 07.05.2020)
10-minute COVID-19 antibody test kit developed in Taiwan (The China Post, 07.05.2020)
Taiwan unveils locally made ventilator prototype (Focus Taiwan, 08.05.2020)
Foreign companies share resources to accelerate COVID-19 research (Focus Taiwan, 13.05.2020)
Taiwan ranks 26th in staging conferences, meetings by ICCA (Taiwan Today, 14.05.2020)
Taiwan, Australia cooperate on COVID-19 drug development (Taiwan Today,
Taiwan and Stanford discussing project on safe international travel (Focus Taiwan, 18.05.2020)
Winners of Taiwan-US coronavirus Hackathon announced in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 19.05.2020)
Taiwan’s COVID-19 vaccine could begin human trials this fall: VP (Focus Taiwan, 22.05.2020)
Philippines to join Taiwan’s clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine (Focus Taiwan, 24.05.2020)
Ex-HTC CEO to release world’s first social 5G VR headset (Focus Taiwan, 26.05.2020)
Research team finds key antibody against COVID-19 (Focus Taiwan, 28.05.2020)
Gogoro unveils e-bikes; starting price set at US$3,899 (Focus Taiwan, 30.05.2020)
Taiwanese scholar among appointees to new Facebook oversight board (The China Post, 07.05.2020)
Education ministry to help foreign students return to Taiwan (The China Post, 28.05.2020)
N° 04 Avril 2020 4 p. 482 kb
Science / Technology
NHRI develops rapid screening kit for SARS-CoV-2 (Focus Taiwan, 02.04.2020)
Centralized database key to COVID-19 control in Taiwan: study (Focus Taiwan, 03.04.2020)
Virtual forum on combating coronavirus held by Taiwan, US (Taiwan Today, 06.04.2020)
Taiwanese team finds key antibodies in COVID-19 patients (Focus Taiwan, 07.04.2020)
Taiwan, Denmark jointly develop 12-minute COVID-19 test kit (Focus Taiwan, 08.04.2020)
19 vaccine shows promising results in mice: NHRI (Focus Taiwan, 09.04.2020)
Academia Sinica team identifies potential COVID-19 inhibitors (Focus Taiwan, 10.04.2020)
Taiwan-Denmark startup develops rapid test kit for COVID-19 (Taiwan Today, 13.04.2020)
Pneumonia detection system wins COVID-19 global online competition (Focus Taiwan, 13.04.2020)
Rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19 to go into production in July (Focus Taiwan, 13.04.2020)
Rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19 to go into production in July (The China Post, 13.04.2020)
Taiwan team honored in COVID-19 Global Hackathon (Taiwan Today, 14.04.2020)
Taiwan develops fast, accurate coronavirus test kit (The China Post, 15.04.2020)
Taiwan develops fast, accurate coronavirus test kit (Focus Taiwan, 15.04.2020)
Taiwan-developed rapid screening reagent put into trial production (Focus Taiwan, 23.04.2020)
Taiwan, U.S. to co-host COVID-19 hackathon (Focus Taiwan, 24.04.2020)
Coronavirus Hackathon co-organized by Taiwan, US in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 27.04.2020)
Magic STEAM Train Project receives 2020 GLAMi Award (Taiwan Today, 15.04.2020)
24 Taiwanese universities listed in THE Impact Rankings (The China Post, 23.04.2020)
Taiwanese-American astrophysicist elected to AAAS (Focus Taiwan, 27.04.2020)
N° 03 Mars 2020 4 p. 591 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan synthesizes anti-viral drug favilavir for COVID-19 patients (Focus Taiwan, 02.03.2020)
CPC receives 1st shipment of carbon neutral LNG (Taiwan Today, 05.03.2020)
Taiwan moves closer to developing COVID-19 rapid screening reagent (Focus Taiwan, 08.03.2020)
Qualcomm launches Taiwan innovation center for startup ecosystem (Focus Taiwan, 09.03.2020)
Formosat-7 data set for public release (Taiwan Today, 09.03.2020)
Rapid COVID-19 screening kits could be available by year-end (Focus Taiwan, 11.03.2020)
Taiwan to share disaster prevention practices, technologies with Japan (Taiwan Today, 12.03.2020)
Taiwan using electronic system to expedite entry of arriving travelers (Focus Taiwan, 18.03.2020)
ITRI cancer treatment technology wins bronze at Edison Awards (Taiwan Today, 20.03.2020)
CDC announces tech partnerships for overseeing home quarantine (Taiwan Today, 20.03.2020)
NCTU, TSMC unveil breakthrough for IC manufacturing (Taiwan Today, 24.03.2020)
Tea compound targeted as potential coronavirus inhibitor (Focus Taiwan, 25.03.2020)
Taiwan aerospace firms secure US$2 billion in global orders (Taiwan Today, 26.03.2020)
Taiwan has antimalarial drug seen as possible COVID-19 treatment: CECC (Focus Taiwan, 26.03.2020)
MOFA launches 2020 youth ambassador program (Taiwan Today, 04.03.2020)
Taiwan youngsters win 9 gold medals at IEYI 2019 (Taiwan Today, 17.03.2020)
N° 02 Février 2020 5 p. 571 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan researchers successfully extract sample of coronavirus (The China Post, 02.02.2020)
One in two Taiwan users addicted to smartphones: survey (The China Post, 02.02.2020)
Use of HIV medication to be investigated as coronavirus treatment (Focus Taiwan, 05.02.2020)
NCTU unveils device for detecting feline kidney disease (Taiwan Today, 05.02.2020)
Taiwan cold-storage technique opens agriculture markets in Middle East (Taiwan Today, 06.02.2020)
Google Maps launches major update, featuring new design and functions (Focus Taiwan, 07.02.2020)
Researchers use ultrasound to treat mice with Parkinson’s disease (Focus Taiwan, 07.02.2020)
Experts find how moderate 2019-nCoV infection ends with death (Focus Taiwan, 09.02.2020)
Taiwan to launch first indigenous rocket February 13 (Focus Taiwan, 10.02.2020)
Taiwan accelerates coronavirus vaccination research (Taiwan Today, 10.02.2020)
Diagnostic test for diabetic kidney disease receives EU approval (Focus Taiwan, 10.02.2020)
Tsai pledges to advance Taiwan’s smart technology development (Taiwan Today, 11.02.2020)
No scientific proof of coronavirus 24-day incubation: health minister (Focus Taiwan, 12.02.2020)
Launch of first indigenous rocket canceled due to bad weather (Focus Taiwan, 13.02.2020)
Taiwanese firm teams up with U.S. to develop coronavirus vaccine (The China Post, 18.02.2020)
Taiwan companies listed among top 100 global innovators for 2020 (Focus Taiwan, 19.02.2020)
Taiwan successfully synthesizes antiviral drug remdesivir (Focus Taiwan, 21.02.2020)
Tsai praises progress on Taiwan’s COVID-19 antiviral drug research (Taiwan Today, 21.02.2020)
Taiwan successfully synthesizes antiviral drug remdesivir (The China Post, 22.02.2020)
TSMC to recruit over 4,000 new staff for high-end process development (Focus Taiwan, 25.02.2020)
GlobalWafers, GlobalFoundries to expand ties in wafer development (Focus Taiwan, 25.02.2020)
Taiwan to start clinical trials on antiviral drug remdesivir (The China Post, 26.02.2020)
Taiwan Tech unveils mask disinfection device amid virus scare (Focus Taiwan, 27.02.2020)
Taiwan Tech unveils mask disinfection device (The China Post, 27.02.2020)
SARS antibody could lead to rapid testing for COVID-19: NHRI (Focus Taiwan, 27.02.2020)
Taiwan universities to start spring semester after February 25: Ministry (The China Post, 03.02.2020)
Taiwan to deepen cooperation with UK research council (Taiwan Today, 18.02.2020)