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N° 12 Décembre 2016 4 p. 506 kb
Satellite instrument spotlights Taiwan’s space research capabilities (Taiwan Today 23.12.2016)

20th Taiwan-France Cultural Award presented in Paris (Taiwan Today 1.12.2016)
Local universities struggle in international rankings (China Post 02.12.2016)
International conference on Japan studies opens in Taipei (Focus Taiwan 03.12.2016)
Survey: Few Taiwan students interested in Southeast Asian languages (Focus Taiwan 07.12.2016)
Taiwan raises to 4th in PISA science rankings (Taiwan Today 08.12.2016)
Taiwan to add Southeast Asian languages to schools’ core curriculum (Focus Taiwan 11.12.2016)
Taiwanese students sweep Olympiad to finish in first place (China Post 11.12.2016)
University of Iowa confers alumni award on local professor (China Post 11.12.2016)

Finals of hacker wargames kicks off in Taipei (Focus Taiwan 02.12.2016)
APICTA Awards-call for foreign firms to launch innovative startups in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan 05.12.2016)
HTC to kick off Vive X Demo Day for start-ups (Focus Taiwan 06.12.2016)
Technology, innovation to be industrial growth engines (Focus Taiwan 07.12.2016)
Acer teams up with HTC, other high-tech giants, to form VR group (Focus Taiwan 07.12.2016)
Taiwan, Philippines to boost cooperation in science, technology (Focus Taiwan 09.12.2016)
Taiwan’s 4G users top 17 million (Focus Taiwan 09.12.2016)
IT Month in Taipei attracts 950,000 visitors (Focus Taiwan 11.12.2016)
Xiaomi’s TV streaming device gaining popularity in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan 12.12.2016)
Pokemon Go: Google’s most popular Taiwanese search term of 2016 (Focus Taiwan 14.12.2016)
Taiwan team enters finals for Tricorder XPRIZE (Taiwan Today 14.12.2016)
Biotech to dominate 2017 IPO market: forecast (China Post 16.12.2016)
Asus introduces its own home robot ‘Zenbo’ to public (Focus Taiwan 22.12.2016)
N° 11 Novembre 2016 4 p. 493 kb
Mosquito fighters awarded prestigious MOFA medals (Taiwan Today 03.11.2016)
Taiwan, U.S. researchers find possible cure for lupus (Focus Taiwan 10.11.2016)

NCKU joins international higher education network (China Post 05.11.2016)
Young Taiwanese students win 7 medals in math, science Olympiad (Focus Taiwan 16.11.2016)
China intends to participate in Universiade Taipei 2017 (Focus Taiwan 20.11.2017)
Taiwan academics honored by international scientific society (Taiwan Today 18.11.2016)
Taiwanese, German universities sign cooperation MOU (Focus Taiwan 30.11.2016)

Taiwan research institutes win six U.S. 2016 R&D 100 awards (Focus Taiwan 05.11.2016)
2017 Smart City Expo to focus on the internet of things (China Post 05.11.2016)
Microsoft’s AI chatbot might debut in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan 07.11.2016)
Internet of Things pact powers Taiwan’s high-tech development (Taiwan Today 09.11.2016)
Asia’s biggest video game party gets underway at Taipei Expo Park in November (China Post 11.11.2016)
Acer gaming monitor wins top prize at CES (Focus Taiwan 11.11.2016)
Biomedical plan fast-tracks Taiwan for top spot in Asia (Taiwan Today 11.11.2016)
DBS launches mortgage smartphone app (China Post 15.22.2016)
HTC teams up with Shenzhen authorities in VR development (Focus Taiwan 17.11.2016)
Gamania’s answer to Line (China Post 23.11.2016)
Over 150 software developers to attend Taipei Game Show in January 2017 (Focus Taiwan 24.11.2016)
Taiwan to allocate NT$11 billion next year for digital development (Focus Taiwan 24.11.2016)
TAICS signs cooperation agreement with ETSI (Focus Taiwan 30.11.2016)
N° 10 Octobre 2016 4 p. 497 kb

Education Ministry holds show to recruit students in Mumbai (China Post, 01.10.2016)
Women excel at Tang Prize awards (Focus Taiwan, 05.10.2016)
Global Study Awards round two student winners announced (China Post, 08.10.2016)
Taiwanese, Indian universities ink cooperation agreement (Focus Taiwan, 10.10.2016)
Local universities launch int’l internship program (China Post, 29.10.2016)

Siemens Taiwan and Taichung join together for development in Smart Machinery Capital (China Post, 03.10.2016)
TAITRONICS puts smart technology in spotlight (China Post, 07.10.2016)
Taipei Electronics Show ends with deals reaching US$146 m. (Focus Taiwan, 09.10.2016)
Annual electronics trade show draws to a close (China Post, 11.10.2016)
Samsung stops Note 7 swap in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan 11.10.2016)
American Innovation Pavilion to open in Taipei on Wednesday (Focus Taiwan 11.10.2016)
eCommerce Expo Asia reaps fruitful results (China Post, 12.10.2016)
Taiwan Hardware Show (China Post, 13.10.2016)
HTC adds US$100 million to Vive X accelerator program (Focus Taiwan 14.10.2016)
Taiwan, French firms teaming up to build solar panel in a reservoir (China Post, 14.10.2016)
Taiwan debuts aerospace tech in Japan (Taiwan Today, 17.10.2016)
Machine tool makers march toward Industry 4.0 (Taiwan Today, 19.10.2016)
5 Taiwanese cities, counties listed in017 Smart21 Communities (Focus Taiwan, 20.10.2016)
Taiwan moves toward opening renewable energy market (Taiwan Today, 21.10.2016)
Techies wanted for Taiwan’s Silicon Valley (China Post, 24.10.2016)
Taiwan striving to boost biotech industry growth: vice president (Focus Taiwan, 26.10.2016)
Cabinet approves Tainan green energy park plan: spokesman (Focus Taiwan, 27.10.2016)
InterPay launches electronic payment service (China Post, 27.10.2016)

N° 09 Septembre 2016 6 p. 441 kb
Taiwan climate change data project unveils latest results (Taiwan Today, 07.09.2016)
Taiwan effort to combat Zika shines on international stage (Taiwan Today, 08.09.2016)
Academia Sinica joins U.S.-led cancer prevention project (Focus Taiwan, 21.09.2016)
CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing will be used in human embryos: Doudna (Focus Taiwan, 24.09.2016)
Biopharmaceutical science Tang Prize winners thank others in field (Focus Taiwan, 25.09.2016)

International poetry festival promotes literary exchanges (Taiwan Today, 06.09.2016)
Education Ministry forges deeper relationship with SE Asia (China Post, 10.09.2016)
More than 18,000 students join overseas internship program (China Post, 10.09.2016)
Foreigners learn Mandarin at Mid-Autumn Festival-inspired event (Taiwan Today, 12.09.2016)
Government donates to PIF’s scholarship fund (China Post 20.09.2016)
Yu Hsi honored for uniting cultures through poetry (Taiwan Today, 20.09.2016)
Tang Prize Week to kick off in Taipei (Focus Taiwan, 20.09.2016)
MOE seeks to entice more foreign students of Mandarin (Taiwan Today, 21.09.2016)
Visiting U.S. scientist urges young to ‘ask the right questions’ (Focus Taiwan, 24.09.2016)
Tang Prize winner De Bary lauded as cultural bridge-builder (China Post, 26.09.2016)

Cyberattacks on rise since Tsai election (China Post, 05.09.2016)
Google connects Taiwan to FASTER undersea cable (Focus Taiwan, 06.09.2016)
Taiwan High Speed Rail wins Asia-Pacific smart transport award (Taiwan Today, 07.09.2016)
New variant of ASUS flagship ZenFone 3 Deluxe hits Taiwan market (Focus Taiwan, 07.09.2016)
Hualien’s new electric buses jolt into action (Taiwan Today, 09.09.2016)
Acer founder proposes approach for smart city development (Focus Taiwan, 12.09.2016)
ITRI’s technology for safe li-ion batteries used in Sharp robot (Focus Taiwan, 14.09.2016)
HTC working with Japanese game supplier to promote Vive in Tokyo (China Post, 15.09.2016)
Survey underscores shift to mobile devices in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 16.09.2016)
Hackers to faceoff in Taiwan in October (Focus Taiwan, 17.09.2016)
Taiwan Photon Source opened (Focus Taiwan, 19.09.2016)
ITRI develops new breast cancer screening device (Taiwan Today, 19.09.2016)
Alliance for 3-D printing takes shape (China Post, 20.09.2016)
US telecom giant Sprint picks MediaTek chips for new smartphone (China Post, 21.09.2016)
Ransomware attacks increasing in Taiwan: Trend Micro (Focus Taiwan, 21.09.2016)
Taiwan, U.S. to cooperate on development of 5G standards (Focus Taiwan, 29.09.2016)
N° 08 Août 2016 4 p. 432 kb
Amis bamboo canoe tested for voyage to Japan (Focus Taiwan, 03.08.2016)
NTU professor and team find evidence of legendary flood (China Post, 06.08.2016)

Taiwan wins golds, 1 silver at International Chemistry Olympiad (Focus Taiwan, 02.08.2016)
Tsai presents education awards, praises new immigrants’ children (Taiwan Today, 04.08.2016)
High school students win silver in international linguistics contest (China Post, 05.08.2016)
Taiwan youth win big at World Invention Creativity Contest in Korea (China Post, 06.08.2016)
Tang Prize winners to visit in September (China Post, 08.08.2016)
Education center to support New Southbound Policy opens in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 15.08.2016)
Taiwan to boost scholarship opportunities for SE Asian students (Focus Taiwan, 25.08.2016)
Taiwan student wins human rights award (Taiwan Today, 28.08.2016)

Taipei turning landfill site into solar power plant to expand renewables (China post, 01.08.2016)
Taiwan to host 2017 World Congress on Information Technology (Taiwan Today, 03.08.2016)
HTC introduces Viveport app store for VR headset (Focus Taiwan, 06.08.2016)
HTC, Alibaba Cloud to work together on virtual reality (Focus Taiwan, 10.08.2016)
Taiwan in 10th place in e-government survey by Waseda University (Focus Taiwan, 15.08.2016)
Taiwan-designed health bracelet wins Red Dot `Best of Best’ award (Focus Taiwan, 16.08.2016)
Earth observation satellite Formosat-retired after 1years of service (China Post, 20.08.2016).
96% of Taiwanese connect to internet every day: Google (China Post, 24.08.2016)
Internet of things to be the highlight of TAITRONICS (China Post, 28.08.2016)
N° 07 Juillet 2016 3 p. 101 kb
Taiwanese team completes tundra exploration in Siberia (Focus Taiwan, 01.07.2016)
HTC Corp to participate in US-led wireless research initiative (China Post 21.07.2016)

Taiwan, NASA collaborate to develop lunar lander (Focus Taiwan, 18.07.2016)
Taiwanese student garners nine international design awards (Focus Taiwan, 06.07.2016)
Taiwan-France working holiday pact signed, aviation agreement renewed (Focus Taiwan, 14.07.2016)
International climate change workshop staged in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 18.07.2016)
Big cash for saving energy (China Post, 20.07.2016)
4 local students win gold medals in biology contest (China Post, 25.07.2016)

Sales of HTC Vive to start in Taiwanese stores July 12th (Focus Taiwan, 04072016)
HTC Vive users can now experience Star Wars game on headset (Focus Taiwan 18.07.2016)
TAIPEI 101 signs MOU to adopt Siemens Navigator (China Post 19.07.2016)
BioTaiwan exhibition kicks off in Taipei with 600 exhibitors (China Post, 22.07.2016)
Pepper the robot to work at Pingtung County government (Focus Taiwan 22.07.2016)
N° 06 Juin 2016 3 p. 403 kb
Taiwanese team discovers key molecule in fighting sepsis (Focus Taiwan, 06.06.2016)
Taiwanese team wins Fishackathon 2016 (Focus Taiwan, 09.06.2016)
Three scientists win Tang Prize in biopharmaceutical science (Focus Taiwan, 19.06.2016)

Taiwan, Thailand ramp up education exchanges (Taiwan Today, 13.06.2016)
Taiwan to host US Department of State language program (Taiwan Today, 15.06.2016)
Protesters rally against ministry’s meeting on university fee raises (The China Post, 19.06.2016)
James Liao assumes office as head of Academia Sinica (Focus Taiwan, 21.06.2016)
Taiwan sees mixed results in 2016 Times Asia University Rankings (Focus Taiwan, 21.06.2016)

Taiwan startup wins FbStart Apps of the Year Awards (Taiwan Today, 03.06.2016)
‘Pepper’ robot applications contest kicks off in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 05.06.2016)
Asustek hoping Zenbo robot to go on sale before Christmas (Focus Taiwan, 08.06.2016)
Taiwan wins 23 gold medals at largest invention fair in U.S. (Focus Taiwan, 10.06.2016)
NDC approves ‘Asian Silicon Valley’ plan (Focus Taiwan, 13.06.2016)
Aerospace industry show takes off in Taichung City (Taiwan Today, 17.06.2016)
N° 05 Mai 2016 3 p. 408 kb
Taiwan achieves best ever performance at Intel science contest (Focus Taiwan, 14.05.2016)
After fish slaying, only 6 endangered humphead wrasses left (The China Times 24.05.2016)

NTU slips in university reputation survey (Focus Taiwan, 05.05.2016)
Kindergarten marketing criticized (Taipei Times, 06.05.2016)
Taiwan and Japan deepen ties of technology schools (The China Post, 09.05.2016)
Taiwan pitching culture to promote Mandarin learning (Taipei Times, 10.05.2016)
Alma matters: Falling birthrates changing Taiwan’s universities (The China Post, 23.05.2016)
Most Taiwan workers do not see postgrad degree as job guarantee: poll (Taipei Times, 25.05.2016)
Education best way to promote ‘go south’ policy (Taipei Times, 25.05.2016)

HTC reportedly to unveil smartwatch in June (Focus Taiwan, 04.05.2016)
Taiwan mobile phone users to get earthquake alerts from May 10 (Focus Taiwan, 05.05.2016)
Chinese in Kolkata seek Taiwan aid for education revival (Taipei Times, 07.05.2016)
ROC wins 78 medals at Paris invention fair including 8 golds (The China Post, 09.05.2016)
Innovative technology center opens in southern Taiwan (Taiwan Today, 19.05.2016)
Internet of Things to be showcased at Computex Taipei (Focus Taiwan, 22.05.2016)
Taiwan’s ITRI creates world’s first pocket sanitizer for chopsticks (Focus Taiwan, 26.05.2016)
N° 04 Avril 2016 4 p. 411 kb
Young talent needed in Taiwan’s biopharmaceutical sector: academician (Focus Taiwan, 06.04.2016)
Taiwanese-American astronomer says interest keeps her going (Focus Taiwan, 07.04.2016)
Taiwan’s science parks report drop in revenue in 1st two months of year (The China Post, 11.04.2016)
Three candidates selected for next Academia Sinica head (Focus Taiwan, 16.04.2016)

5 young Taiwan universities ranked among world’s top 150 (The China Post, 08.04.2016)
Taitung students strike gold for design (Taipei Times, 08.04.2016)
Elementary schools cut monthly use of plastic bags by 200,000 (Focus Taiwan, 17.04.2016)
Taiwanese educator awarded by SPIE (Focus Taiwan, 18.04.2016)
Cabinet lineup for education, culture announced (Focus Taiwan, 20.04.2016)
Foreign students join Matsu pilgrimage (Taipei Times, 21.04.2016)
Australian university signs MOU with medical school (The China Post, 27.04.2016)

Garbage collection machines being tested for Taipei residents (Focus Taiwan, 05.04.2016)
Asustek wins 15 Red Dot Design Awards (The China Post, 09.04.2016)
Taiwan needs to strive for Industry 4.0: experts (Taipei Times, 09.04.2016)
Drone supply chain presents good investment opportunities: KGI (Focus Taiwan, 10.04.2016)
Annual spring tech fair to target female consumers (Focus Taiwan, 10.04.2
Microsoft seeking to upgrade Taiwan developers (Focus Taiwan, 11.04.2016)
N° 03 Mars 2016 3 p. 423 kb
This month, Taiwan’s science, technology and education press review includes the following news articles: Taiwanese company develops new cancer drug for animals; Taiwan ichthyologist leads florescent fish trend; NCCU to launch Southeast Asia studies program; Review limits on specialty school teachers: lawmaker; 5 mil. Taiwanese hold degrees from higher education institutions; Teachers call for swift teaching guidelines decision; Taipei to hold international invention exhibition; Multidevice usage a way of life in Taiwan: poll; AI program partly developed by Taiwanese beats top Go player; Tainan firm transforms Taiwan textile industry; Taiwan to send FORMOSAT-7 into space by year’s end; Drone firm from Taiwan flies high in global market and HTC expected to unveil flagship model next month.
N° 02 Février 2016 3 p. 403 kb
This month, Taiwan’s science, technology and education press review includes the following news articles: Evidence of how ancient humans crossed Taiwan Strait still scarce; Solar eclipse to be highlight of 2016 sky: museum; New strain of chestnut-flavored pumpkin developed; Breast cancer drug trial ‘successful’; Taiwan colleges in crisis as student population shrinks; Universities weigh in to help renovate rural primary schools; University uses dogs as study aides for children; LINE tops other social media among Taiwanese smartphone owners; Taiwan team wins Leap Motion app contest; New Taipei, Hsinchu named among Top7 Intelligent Communities of 2016; Safer driving with fatigue-sensing warning device; Students design origami boat to help kill mosquitos; HTC Vive priced at US$799, lower than analysts’ estimates and Taiwan wins 5 iF gold awards.
N° 01 Janvier 2016 3 p. 393 kb
This month, Taiwan’s science, technology and education press review includes the following news articles: Even low radiation dose can take toll: scientist; Government launches 5-year plan for indigenous education; NTU graduates top choice for most local businesses, according to survey; Number of overseas students in Taiwan tops 110,000 in 2015; Dropout rate in Taiwan up marginally in 2014-2015 academic year; Taiwan has 930,000 wearable device owners: survey; Taiwan develops ‘X-ray eyes’ system for surgeons; Taiwan-US team develops driverless electric vehicle; Two Kaohsiung students invent new selfie stick; Taiwan university introduces portable wind turbine; and TTRI unveils new glow-in-the-dark textile technology after years’ research.