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N° 12 Décembre 2018 4 p. 437 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwanese students invent innovations for medical treatment and daily use (Taiwan News, 3.12.2018)
International startup conference kicks off in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 4.12.2018)
VP Chen lauds Taiwan’s aerospace industry development (Taiwan Today, 7.12.2018)
New 24-hour trash disposal and recycling machine being trialed in Taipei (Taiwan News, 10.12.2018)
HTC VR device shipments forecast to hit 800,000 units in 2019 (Focus Taiwan, 15.12.2018)
Acer to use government test area for driverless car development (Focus Taiwan, 17.12.2018)
AI chat program for farmers wins Taiwan agricultural hackathon (Taiwan Today, 18.12.2018)
Taichung launches public trial of Taiwan-developed self-driving buses (Taiwan Today, 25.12.2018)
Taiwan aims to launch digital ID in 2020: premier (Focus Taiwan, 27.12.2018)
AI training center launched by MOL, III in Kaohsiung (Taiwan Today, 27.12.2018)
Cabinet lays out plan to make Taiwan bilingual by 2030 (Focus Taiwan, 4.12.2018)
Taiwan shines with 6 golds at International Junior Science Olympiad (Taiwan Today, 12.12.2018)
Foreign students allowed to take teacher certification exams (Focus Taiwan, 14.12.2018)
Taiwan, Vietnam educational institutions sign pact on talent cultivation cooperation (Taiwan Today, 25.12.2018)
National languages development act passed by Legislature (Taiwan Today, 26.12.2018)
N° 11 Novembre 2018 4 p. 440 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwanese experts visit India to promote AI cooperation (Focus Taiwan, 5.11.2018)
16 Taiwan innovations shortlisted for R&D 100 Awards (Taiwan Today, 7.11.2018)
HTC’s Vive Focus VR business version hits market (Focus Taiwan, 9.11.2018)
Taiwan software developers and Japanese firms sign MOUs (Focus Taiwan, 9.11.2018)
Science ministry and Uber in self-driving exchanges (Focus Taiwan, 12.11.2018)
Taiwan supercomputer ranked 20th fastest in the world (Taiwan Today, 14.11.2018)
Taiwanese startup ramping up production of sugarcane straws (Taiwan News, 14.11.2018)
18 start-ups selected for HTC’s Vive X accelerator program (Focus Taiwan, 16.11.2018)
Tsai inaugurates National Communications and Cyber Security Center in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 16.11.2018)
Taiwan team lays groundwork for new IC manufacturing breakthrough (Focus Taiwan, 21.11.2018)
LINE to hold developer conference in Taiwan next month (Focus Taiwan, 27.11.2018)
Working with Sprint, HTC to launch 5G mobile device next year (Focus Taiwan, 28.11.2018)
Taiwan center, telecom firms sign pact to create mobile ID system (Taiwan Today, 29.11.2018)
Taiwan drops in global English proficiency rankings (Focus Taiwan, 7.11.2018)
CNA launches second edition of overseas internship program (Focus Taiwan, 20.11.2018)
N° 10 Octobre 2018 4 p. 417 kb
Science / Technology
Danish firm CIP inks deal with Taiwan company to reach country’s 2025 wind power goals (Taiwan News, 2.10.2018)
TSMC, foreign tech giants set up cloud technology alliance (Focus Taiwan, 6.10.2018)
Taiwan tests drone for difficult mail delivery (Taiwan News, 13.10.2018)
Taiwan’s TSMC to continue as Apple’s exclusive A-series chip supplier (Taiwan News, 13.10.2018)
Acer, Asustek PC shipments ranked 5th and 6th globally (The China Post, 13.10.2018)
Tsai inaugurates National Biotechnology Research Park in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 16.10.2018)
Taiwan promoting its solar glass on global market (Focus Taiwan, 17.10.2018)
HTC Vive Pro wins VR headset award in London (Focus Taiwan, 18.10.2018)
Taiwan’s HTC launches early access version of world’s first blockchain smart phone (Taiwan News, 24.10.2018)
Taiwan to get upgraded F-16V fighter jets after US arms sale approved (South China Morning Post, 26.10.2018)
WeMo scooter-sharing system to expand into New Taipei City next year (Taiwan News, 28.10.2018)
Micron inaugurates back-end DRAM facility in Taichung (Taiwan Today, 30.10.2018)
Learning materials for new immigrant languages created (Focus Taiwan, 2.10.2018)
Taiwan to increase hours of English taught in schools, 4,600 new foreign teachers needed (Taiwan News, 11.10.2018)
National Taiwan Normal University improves global education ranking (Focus Taiwan, 18.10.2018)
N° 09 Septembre 2018 4 p. 428 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan’s ITRI showcases smart living-related technologies at IFA 2018 (Focus Taiwan, 1.9.2018)
Information security alliance formed in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 3.9.2018)
MOEA tour seals smart industry deals with firms in France, Germany (Taiwan Today, 4.9.2018)
Joint flexible hybrid electronics agreement inked in Taipei (Focus Taiwan, 6.9.2018)
Tsai vows to build Taichung into global smart machinery hub (Focus Taiwan, 7.9.2018)
Taiwan-made satellites among highlights at Indian space expo (Focus Taiwan, 8.9.2018)
Taiwan’s H. Spectrum and 5 biotech companies to cooperate on innovation (Taiwan News, 10.9.2018)
Microsoft to join innovation efforts in Linkou Startup Terrace (Focus Taiwan, 18.9.2018)
Energy Taiwan 2018 to spotlight latest clean energy technologies and solutions (Taiwan News, 18.9.2018)
Taiwan team finds cure for hair loss from chemo, radiation therapies (Focus Taiwan, 19.9.2018)
President Tsai plans to make Taiwan an Asian hub for startups (Focus Taiwan, 25.9.2018)
Qualcomm plans to set up multimedia, AI R&D centers in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 26.9.2018)
Taiwan renews participation in global science, education program (Focus Taiwan, 10.9.2018)
National Taiwan University ranks 81st worldwide for graduate employability (Focus Taiwan, 13.9.2018)
CNA to continue overseas internship program next year (Focus Taiwan, 15.9.2018)
Education ministry clarifies titles for female scientists in textbooks (Focus Taiwan, 17.9.2018)
New research center founded as Taiwan-India interaction platform (Focus Taiwan, 24.9.2018)
32 Taiwanese universities included in world university rankings (Focus Taiwan, 26.9.2018)
Premier pushes for easing of preschool English education rules (Focus Taiwan, 28.9.2018)
N° 08 Août 2018 4 p. 505 kb
Science / Technology
2018 FIRA RoboWorld Cup to kick off in Taichung Aug. 7 (Focus Taiwan, 1.8.2018)
Taipei’s PTO to try out solar-powered bus stops (Taiwan News, 2.8.2018)
Taiwan could send new satellite into space by year end (Focus Taiwan, 3.8.2018)
President Tsai reaffirms commitment to indigenous submarine program (Taiwan Today, 7.8.2018)
Taiwan’s top digital content expo marks 10th year with AR/VR focus (Taiwan Today, 9.8.2018)
Gogoro extends reach to eastern Taiwan (Focus Taiwan,11.8.2018)
Taiwanese space scientist admitted to International Academy of Astronautics (Taiwan News,16.8.2018)
Self-service garbage collection system demonstrated in Taipei (Taiwan News, 20.8.2018)
Qualcomm Taiwan operations hub to be inaugurated early 2019 (Focus Taiwan, 25.8.2018)
Taiwan is moving to commercial use for 5G in 2020 (Taiwan News, 28.8.2018)
Uber’s COO unveils “Uber for Taiwan” plan (Taiwan News, 28.8.2018)
Taiwan aims to become global hub for smart machinery (Focus Taiwan, 29.8.2018)
Taiwan President opens Austronesian Forum with promises to better education for indigenous people (Taiwan News, 1.8.2018)
72 Indonesian students receive scholarships from Taiwan government in 2018 (Taiwan News, 2.8.2018)
Taoyuan to offer SE Asian language classes for 2nd generation immigrants (Taiwan News, 8.8.2018)
Taiwanese students in U.S. taking on Taiwan’s rural education gap (Focus Taiwan, 12.8.2018)
Taiwan signs MOU with U.S. university on talent recruitment (Focus Taiwan, 18.8.2018)
ASEAN Chinese language school principals’ meeting kicks off in Taipei (Focus Taiwan, 20.8.2018)
N° 07 Juillet 2018 4 p. 505 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan intent on becoming global blockchain technology hub (Focus Taiwan, 2.7.2018)
Cabinet accelerates offshore wind farm development in Taiwan (Taiwan Today, 6.7.2018)
Taiwanese entrepreneurs patent sugarcane straws (Taiwan News, 9.7.2018)
Fintech firm creates new digital currency tied to New Taiwan Dollar (Taiwan News, 9.7.2018)
2018 Asian Innovation Forum held in Taipei (Focus Taiwan, 10.7.2018)
Taiwan, India sign MOU to promote cooperation in AI, robotics (Focus Taiwan, 10.7.2018)
HTC to launch blockchain phone in Q3 (Focus Taiwan, 14.7.2018)
Taiwan’s largest solar power station officially launched (Taiwan News, 17.7.2018)
Google launches map services for motorbike riders in Taiwan (Focus Taiwan, 18.7.2018)
President chain opens second unmanned convenience store (The China Post, 19.7.2018)
Sophia, world’s 1st android citizen, opens Taipei Digital Innovation Forum (Taiwan News, 19.7.2018)
Tsai launches Bio Taiwan, pledges to promote homegrown biomedicine industry (Taiwan Today, 20.7.2018)
2018 Smart Asia Taiwan Expo to get underway in Taichung (Taiwan News, 25.7.2018)
EPA to provide grants for projects promoting recycling innovations (Focus Taiwan, 26.7.2018)
Taiwan to showcase geological sites with smart technology (Focus Taiwan, 27.7.2018)
HTC to participate in ChinaJoy to demonstrate VR inventions (Focus Taiwan, 30.7.2018)
600 overseas volunteers to teach English in remote areas (Focus Taiwan, 3.7.2018)
Taiwan, France promote more cooperation at higher education forum (Focus Taiwan, 9.7.2018)
Seven colleges to open indigenous language centers (Focus Taiwan, 11.7.2018)
MOE science forum for Asia-Pacific high scholars wraps up in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 17.7.2018)
Taiwan, Poland sign scientific, higher education cooperation deal (Focus Taiwan, 31.7.2018)
N° 06 Juin 2018 4 p. 418 kb
Science / Technology
Ministry partnering with major tech firms on AI platform (Focus Taiwan, 1.6.2018)
Science ministry teams up with Nvidia in AI development (Focus Taiwan, 4.6.2018)
Vice President Chen touts opportunities in Taiwan’s ICT industry (Focus Taiwan, 5.6.2018)
European Innovation Week gets underway in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 5.6.2018)
HTC vows to invest in new technologies to spur long-term growth (The China Post, 5.6.2018)
Taiwan Tech Arena aims to attract start-ups (Taipei Times, 6.6.2018)
Taipei digiBlock to officially open in late June (Focus Taiwan, 8.6.2018)
Asia’s biggest computer show ends on high note (Focus Taiwan, 9.6.2018)
Taiwan’s ITRI taps 3D printing technology to give patients ‘a helping hand’ (Taiwan News, 12.6.2018)
Tang Prize winners for biopharmaceutical science, sustainable development announced (Taiwan Today, 19.6.2018)
Taiwan to expand start-up delegation for CES 2019 (Focus Taiwan, 19.6.2018)
IMD ranks Taiwan 16th most digitally competitive country in the world (Taiwan News, 21.6.2018)
TSMC to begin producing chips on 5nm process late next year (Focus Taiwan, 21.6.2018)
Taiwan wins 6 gold medals at international invention exhibition (Focus Taiwan, 23.6.2018)
Joint research team finds ‘burning ice’ off Taiwan (Taipei Times, 24.6.2018)
Taiwan-US Global Environmental Education Partnership meeting wraps up in Taipei (Taiwan Today, 1.6.2018)
Microsoft cooperates on AI with Taiwan universities (Taiwan News, 21.6.2018)
New Mexico governor visits Taiwan to build cooperation: MOFA (Focus Taiwan, 23.6.2018)
N° 05 Mai 2018 4 p. 427 kb
Science / Technology
Nangang biotech cluster deal signed (Taipei Times, 1.5.2018)
Taiwanese scientists identify gene responsible for cancer spread (Focus Taiwan, 2.5.2018)
Macquarie Capital invests in Taiwan’s driverless car development (Focus Taiwan, 3.5.2018)
Fast self-test for dengue virus to be introduced in Taiwan this year (Focus Taiwan, 3.5.2018)
MOST showcases cutting-edge medical devices developed by local startups (Taiwan Today, 4.5.2018)
German biologist wins Tsungming Tu Award for foreign scientists (Focus Taiwan, 8.5.2018)
Taiwan’s new supercomputer now operating (Focus Taiwan, 8.5.2018)
Taiwan wins six gold medals at innovation contest in Paris (Focus Taiwan, 8.5.2018)
VP Chen reaffirms Taiwan’s commitment to biotech industry development (Taiwan Today, 8.5.2018)
Taiwan to prioritize cultivation of smart machinery talent: president (Focus Taiwan, 8.5.2018)
Taiwan University wins award at Asia supercomputer challenge (Focus Taiwan, 9.5.2018)
Taiwan wins at International Nanotechnology Olympiad in Tehran (Focus Taiwan, 9.5.2018)
New Taiwanese tech companies set sights on Startup Thailand (Focus Taiwan, 14.5.2018)
Taiwan bags five awards at Intel fair (Focus Taiwan, 19.5.2018)
Tang Prize founder awarded honorary doctorate by IAACC (Focus Taiwan, 21.5.2018)
Kaohsiung unveils first medical 3D printing cluster (Taipei Times, 23.5.2018)
Taiwan university develops remotely operated underwater vehicles (Focus Taiwan, 23.5.2018)
HTC forms VR partnerships with MLB, F1’s McLaren (Focus Taiwan, 25.5.2018)
Microsoft developer conference opens; big crowds expected (Focus Taiwan, 28.5.2018)
HTC to launch platform for AI innovations (Focus Taiwan, 29.5.2018)
Taiwanese part of black-hole search (Taipei Times, 30.5.2018)
Computex Taipei to spotlight the newest in tech (Focus Taipei, 30.5.2018)
Expatriates seeking vocational education in Taiwan increases (Focus Taiwan, 20.5.2018)
Indian university teams up with Taiwan to start a degree program in Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan News, 23.5.2018)
NTU listed among world’s 100 most-esteemed universities (Taiwan News, 31.5.2018)
N° 04 Avril 2018 4 p. 436 kb
Science / Technology
CSIST signs research pact with Geosat Aerospace (Taipei Times, 2.4.2018)
Hon Hai continues to top tablet computer shipment list in Q4 (Focus Taiwan, 7.4.2018)
Taiwan-Philippines tech meeting to focus on medicine, agriculture (Focus Taiwan, 7.4.2018)
Taiwan wins big at Moscow innovation fair (Focus Taiwan, 9.4.2018)
Taiwan to invest NT$70 million per year in quantum computer R&D (Focus Taiwan, 10.4.2018)
MOHW, Acer launch AI-powered flu forecasting website (Taiwan Today, 12.4.2018)
Taiwan bags 22 gold medals at Geneva invention fair (Focus Taiwan, 14.4.2018)
Asustek No. 5, Acer No. 6 in global PC shipment rankings: Gartner (Focus Taiwan, 16.4.2018)
MediaTek teams up with Microsoft on Internet of Things development (Focus Taiwan, 17.4.2018)
Clinical trials with gene-editing tools to start: Tang Prize laureate (Focus Taiwan, 22.4.2018)
ITRI wins Clarivate Analytics Top 100 Global Innovators Award (Taiwan Today, 24.4.2018)
Hacking contest to focus on AI security: minister (Taipei Times, 25.4.2018)
University planning to take tumor-detecting technology to market (Focus Taiwan, 26.4.2018)
Premier Lai touts 10-year development plan for Taiwan’s science parks (Taiwan Today, 27.4.2018)
Microsoft, Taiwan to join forces on mixed reality (Focus Taiwan, 28.4.2018)
President Tsai visits top aerospace firms, pledges to bolster Taiwan’s defense industry (Taiwan Today, 30.4.2018)
Innovation is key to accelerating competitiveness: Tsai (Focus Taiwan, 30.4.2018)
Disgraced cancer researcher worried about tainting Taiwan’s image (Focus Taiwan, 1.4.2018)
Foreign student work permit process simplified: labor ministry (Focus Taiwan, 12.4.2018)
Taipei offers scholarships to Indian, Malaysian postgrad students (Focus Taiwan, 13.4.2018)
Taiwan, Indonesian universities sign cooperation agreements (Taiwan Today, 19.4.2018)
Tsai launches college scholarship program in Swaziland (Taiwan Today, 19.4.2018)
Working holiday trial to begin in June (Taipei Times, 25.4.2018)
New minister aiming to inject more science into education system (Focus Taiwan, 25.4.2018)
Drafts would allow degrees based on achievements (Taipei Times, 27.4.2018)
Southeast Asian students outnumber Chinese: data (Taipei Times, 27.4.2018)
Taiwan AI Academy hosts first graduation (Taipei Times, 29.4.2018)
N° 03 Mars 2018 4 p. 426 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwan start-ups attract interest at MWC in Spain (Focus Taiwan, 2.3.2018)
Taipei to launch electric car-sharing in mid-March (Focus Taiwan, 5.3.2018)
Taipei City government joins Amazon Web Services program (Focus Taiwan, 6.3.2018)
Molecular biologist recognized as ‘outstanding woman in science’ (Focus Taiwan, 10.3.2018)
Taiwan to introduce software to help foster US$1 billion startup (Focus Taiwan, 12.3.2018)
MOST, AgilePoint join forces on startup development (Taiwan Today, 13.3.2018)
Taipei City Government unveils self-driving vehicle test site (Taiwan Today, 14.3.2018)
Taiwan, U.K. to jointly promote development of innovative industries (Focus Taiwan, 14.3.2018)
Taiwan seeking closer tech cooperation with Israel (Focus Taiwan, 19.3.2018)
Project to fund Taiwanese researchers to U.K. launched (Focus Taiwan, 21.3.2018)
Chunghwa Post to open nation’s first automated branch (Taipei Times, 21.3.2018)
Intelligent Taiwan project launched by Google (Taiwan Today, 22.3.2018)
Taiwanese research unit, Merck team up on new drug development (Focus Taiwan, 26.3.2018)
Tsai touts local talent and tech at ‘smart’ city expo (Taipei Times, 28.3.2018)
Taiwan science parks post record operation results in 2017 (Taiwan Today, 30.3.2018)
MOST announces Taiwan’s ‘coolest tech startups’ (Focus Taiwan, 31.3.2018)
Taiwan a good ‘testbed’ for startups: French expert (Focus Taiwan, 31.3.2018)
Academics receive offers from Chinese school (Taipei Times, 14.3.2018)
Tunghai University and AWS Establish Taiwan’s First Cloud Innovation School (China Post, 14.3.2018)
Control Yuan censures MOE over university president rule change (Focus Taiwan, 15.3.2018)
Education to be highlighted at Smart City Summit & Expo (Focus Taiwan, 19.3.2018)
N° 02 Février 2018 4 p. 284 kb
Science / Technology
FormoSat-5 may allow earthquake prediction in the future: scientist (Focus Taiwan, 24.1.2018)
Taiwan remains among top five markets for Google Play (Focus Taiwan, 24.1.2018)
ITRI named a top global innovator by Clarivate Analytics (Taiwan Today, 26.1.2018)
Taiwan researchers find key substance for brain cell regeneration (Focus Taiwan, 26.1.2018)
Hon Hai, Alibaba investing in Chinese electric car maker: report (Focus Taiwan, 29.1.2018)
Google plans to make Taipei its largest R&D center in Asia Pacific (Focus Taiwan, 30.1.2018)
Hon Hai to invest NT$10 billion in AI over next 5 years (Focus Taiwan, 2.2.2018)
AI robotics hub exhibition center opens in Taichung (Focus Taiwan, 9.2.2018)
3 Taiwanese cities named top 7 intelligent communities of 2018 (Focus Taiwan, 9.2.2018)
Forum highlights Taiwan’s expertise in minimally invasive surgery (Taiwan Today, 9.2.2018)
TSMC remains top local patent applicant in 2017 (Focus Taiwan, 10.2.2018)
EPA sets timetable to ban plastic use (Taipei Times, 14.2.2018)
AI talent in high demand in Taiwan: job bank (Focus Taiwan, 22.2.2018)
MediaTek joins Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft in AI development (Focus Taiwan, 23.2.2018)
FormoSat-5 set to officially enter service in September (Focus Taiwan, 23.2.2018)
TSMC to build R&D center in Hsinchu (Focus Taiwan, 26.2.2018)
Asustek unveils 1st AI smartphones at MWC (Focus Taiwan, 28.2.2018)
Scholars doubtful about proposal to list English as second language (Focus Taiwan, 30.1.2018)
Uncertainty looms over inauguration of NTU president-elect (Focus Taiwan, 30.1.2018)
MOE must trust NTU’s selection of its president: official (Focus Taiwan, 31.1.2018)
Premier Lai cogratulates Taiwan prodigy on NYU admission (Taiwan Today, 2.2.2018)
Three Taiwan scholars elected to World Academy of Sciences (Taiwan Today, 6.2.2018)
Protestors call for university autonomy (Taipei Times, 22.2.2018)
Taiwan offers Chinese language courses at Philippines’ university (Focus Taiwan, 23.2.2018)
NTUST alumni association established in Ethiopia (Focus Taiwan, 26.2.2018)
N° 01 Janvier 2018 3 p. 382 kb
Science / Technology
Taiwanese helps develop method of converting biomass into chemicals (Focus Taiwan, 2.1.2018)
Taiwan to set up over 3,300 e-scooter battery charging stations in 5 years (Taiwan Today, 4.1.2018)
MediaTek launches AI platform; Sony eyes more cooperation (Focus Taiwan, 9.1.2018)
Taiwan chosen for Microsoft AI development center (Focus Taiwan, 10.1.2018)
Alibaba AI Labs, MediaTek sign accord on IoT cooperation (Focus Taiwan, 10.1.2018)
New Taipei City, Amazon sign deal to establish web innovation center (Taiwan Today, 12.1.2018)
Chunghwa Post commissions fleet of 1,627 e-scooters (Taiwan Today, 16.1.2018)
Government reaffirms Taiwan’s commitment to information security (Taiwan Today, 16.1.2018)
MOST delivers biomedicine development report card (Taiwan Today, 18.1.2018)
Cabinet approves plan to spur AI industry development (Taiwan Today, 19.1.2018)
Asustek 5th-largest PC supplier in 2017, Acer in 6th spot: Gartner (Focus Taiwan, 20.1.2018)
NTU planning set up international campus (Focus Taiwan, 7.1.2018)
Expanded Taiwan-Austria working holiday program takes effect (Taiwan Today, 15.1.2018)
Taiwan scholars playing major role in sustainable agriculture (Focus Taiwan, 20.1.2018)